Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 18: ...and the living is easy

It was 99 degrees here earlier this week. That's hot! Summer is here. Summer is magical. I guess it's a holdover from when we were kids and had summer vacations. I was a teacher, so people thought I had a vacation, but in reality I was either taking courses in college to keep my certification, or I was working (or doing both) since a teacher's salary was really never enough.

Let's find out more about each other in the Blog Hop. 
I hope you can join in!

In case you are new... or as a reminder:

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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 18:

1. When someone says, "summer," what pops into your mind?

2. It's hot - really hot. In what ways do you help your horses, or other animals, deal with the heat?

3. OK....if you are old enough - what's something you recall from the summer of '69? If you are too young, what title would you give your song? Why?

My Answers:

1. Summer: watermelon (even though I don't particularly care for it), corn on the cob, evenings spent running around our neighborhood, playing and catching lightning bugs. Summer camp and loons singing us to sleep with their eerie calls echoing off the hills.

2. Pippin and Doc always had access to shade, but they rarely took advantage of it. Their stalls had 'flow through ventilation' so there would usually be some movement of air. Sometimes I could catch them taking naps in their stalls because of that. Tucker keeps cool by digging in a hole in our lawn, under the shade of a tree. I replace the dirt and he digs it out, curling up in the nest he creates. I don't mind. I'd rather he cool off that way than finding a water source and then rolling in the dirt! Mama Boots is a cat. She does what cats do - she stretches out in the shade and goes into a cat-atonic state!

3. Recollections from the summer of '69: Graduation, Pony Club "A" test, Woodstock - I was supposed to go, but ended up on the west coast and didn't get back in time, preparing for college, work, packing (my parents were moving).

Now it's your turn! Respond to the questions. Ask your own question, and link up with the linky tool - or respond to one or more the prompts in a comment.


  1. Summer- busy! That's what pops into my mind. The days when there are too many things to do and not enough time to do them all. So much to do before winter sets in and you don't want to do the work part because it's so much more fun to just get out and ride and enjoy the lovely days.
    Water- that's how I help my critters deal with the heat. I spray the horses down- they love it and will come over when I have the hose out and just stand there until I spray them down. I take the dogs to the river, or give them a tub of water that they can jump in.
    Summer of 69- I left home.

  2. Your summer song question sparked a YouTube dance party of cheesy summer songs in my office! Fun!

  3. Summer-- swimming!

    Helping the animals-- I hose the horses on the hot days, put ice in my bunny's water (he also has a cooling stone) and take the dog swimming :)

    Mine would be called Summer of 2011, because that's when Mike and I fell for each other.

  4. I like your memories of summer. Summer makes me think of horseback riding, do worry about it when the grass in the pasture browns and we go weeks without rain. And of course, it is on a lot of our minds now with smoke in the air from many Colorado fires around the state. Amazing how far smoke travels.

    The horses seems to fare well in the heat, with plenty of water and access to shade in and around the barn. I've thought about getting a stall fan. When Misty had her dental procedure last summer, they put her in a recovery stall with a box fan hanging outside. I found her standing right in front of the fan as it blew on her face. Looked like she appreciated the breeze. The dogs lounge around inside. Bella tends to seek out cool spots on non-carpeted surfaces. The parrots still have a heater in their room to offset the chill from the air conditioner. They like it warm.

    Summer of '69 - I was horse crazy and loved visiting my Grandma in Kansas and enjoyed riding farm horses that year. I posted a 1969 memory here:

  5. Right now summer and this horrible heat are making me think of wheat harvest.

    The horses have a nice cool shed they never go in. My dog hops into any water source she gets close to. Sometimes good sometimes very stinky.


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