Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain, Rain...Go to Colorado!

Update on my previous post, "Oh, the places I'll go"...

You guys are too smart,
You know where I'm at.
With Tropical Storm Debby
I'll need a rain hat!
Lucky for us 
it's not about Disney.
We came to celebrate a birthday,
not necessarily to see Mickey.
Shhh! Don't tell hubby's mother,
part of the surprise
is her grandboys are coming!
She won't believe her eyes!
So, we'll have some time to visit
and enjoy one another.
We'll try to stay dry
and enjoy being with Mother!
She’s a remarkable woman,
she’ll be 90 years young,
but she’ll be the first one to tell you
She’s only eighty-one!

Here I sit, listening to the rain fall. It's been raining almost 24/7 since we arrived, and will continue to do so. I've heard that the Jacksonville area, where we are staying now, has had over 12"of rain. Tropical Storm Debby is stalled in the Gulf and is inching her way toward us, swirling moist air our way. Why, oh why, couldn't that air be sent to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, to name a few? At home we are experiencing triple digit temperatures and winds. What isn't already dried out is getting that way and our state is a tinderbox. At this point I've lost count of which fires are burning, which are contained, and what new fires have begun. I don't have the score card. I heard on CNN "almost half the airborne fire suppression in the country is in Colorado." Thousands have been evacuated from homes. Some have been allowed to return, but the fires are still burning and only the wind knows which way they will move. That is why I wish just some of this rain could somehow be transported to the west. I guess that's life, though, feast or famine; fires or floods!


  1. Lovely! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Oh yes, please, please, send some of that rain here. The winds have picked up and are fanning the forest fire. The smoke plume was very impressive this afternoon.

    Happy Birthday to your mom-in-law. I hope she is tickled pink by the big surprise.

  3. Happy Birthday to you mother in law! Have a great time!

  4. Tell the "young lady" Happy Birthday! I saw lots of rain for you on the news this AM in Florida..wildfires in Montana too..rain is needed out west...maybe you could stand outside in the rain and dance:)

  5. Loved your poem --- weather is such a huge variable in our lives! I can see how so many ancient cultures had rituals that revolved around pleading for the weather that was needed!

    Have a great day! Rain or shine!



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