Saturday, January 9, 2021

I've Been Shot

 Covid self-isolation has taught me a number of things:

- I am an extroverted introvert. (Or am I and introverted extrovert?!) I am quite content being in my own little space. I don't need to get "out there", but if I am out in a crowd, I am not always a wall-flower - I might surprise myself and others, by standing out in the crowd!

- I can cook amaZing things just by looking through the freezer, cabinets and fridge. I don't always need a recipe, and I'm open to experimenting with alternate ingredients if I don't have one or more ingredients in a recipe. (Many of my friends are struggling because they can't eat out... that was never a problem for either of the Dreamers - we rarely eat out anyway - so we don't miss it.)

- I am not immune to events happening around me. OK, so yes, I know I can be emotional. And, yes, there has been more than one occasion where my mind/emotions rule my body and make my heart race, or don't let me sleep, or give me a sense of ill feeling. But, I didn't realize the extent of the impact outside events could have on the inside of me until the night before the election. Watching the news sent my blood pressure through the roof, and I ended up in the hospital for two nights of observation and tests! It's all better now and I was given a fast-acting, strong prescription to use in case it happens again. 

- I have learned how fortunate I am to live in these times where literally everything is at my fingertips. I can order things online and have them delivered to my door...including my groceries! I am grateful that we have the means to do this, to have a nice home and to pay our bills.

- I discovered how much I miss my family! I want to see my grand kids in person. I want to hug them, and hold them, and see how much they have grown. I miss my boys. We talk. We FaceTime, but it is not the same thing. 

So, today I was shot. I RECEIVED MY FIRST DOSE of the Moderna vaccine! This is THE MOST exciting thing that has happened to me since I earned my National Board Certification as a teacher in 1996!! No joke! 

Florida began offering the vaccine to the 65 and older crowd as 2020 came to a close. The roll out was a wreck! Lee County (where I used to winter) made national news for the audacity of having seniors standing in line overnight for the chance to get the vaccine. Our neighbors were in line beginning at 4 AM - wishing they had brought blankets and chairs! Other vaccination sites had their online reservation sites crash within minutes. We tried calling numerous numbers for counties around us, getting no answers, or out-of-order messages. It was very frustrating. The local news would announce a site where seniors could get vaccinations, and the available reservations would be nabbed within 5 - 10 minutes. I was discouraged. Yesterday, a friend sent me a message saying that the Lee Health system, of which I'm a member, was taking appointment reservations. I called immediately, and unbelievably had an appointment for the Mister and me for this morning. I was "over-the-top" excited! However, I remained skeptical until I walked into the facility and was directed to the clinic administering the shots. Whew! I can breathe again!

Now, we know that we can have our 2nd vaccine (appointment already scheduled) in 4 weeks, and after that, we will be free to head west. We sold "Big Red", our 40' motorhome. Now we have "Tommie" - our mini motor home. This will be our cross-country home on wheels. 

I feel like we have been given a 

Sorry, but no, I will not be selling this card! 

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