Thursday, January 21, 2021

Interstate Pictures

 Before we bought Tommie, we purchased this Airstream Interstate. It is for sale. I am posting pictures on the blog so potential buyers can get a look at the motorhome. 

Front seat with some reflected light

Second captain's chair on passenger side

Side panels over galley - no major spots or damage visible

Sink and stove top covers reflecting lights from overhead cabinets.
Each has a few scratches.

Wall outside bath, looking aft. Super shiny - no scratches

Jack-knife seat to the rear of galley on driver's side.

Jack-knife seat rear of bath on passenger side

Suede wall above jack-knife seat on passenger side has a few spots

Back sofa. A switch on the passenger side extends the sofa toward the jack-knife seats.

Cabinets above galley - no scratches or dings.

Toilet and bath area back wall. Curtain is clean

soap container and sink in bath area

Suspended teak flooring in bath area

Side entry floor 


Front cab from passenger side.

Found two little chips in paint by front passenger door

Two small dings in paint on sliding door.

Plastic on driver's side arm rest and side pocket have scratches


Saturday, January 9, 2021

I've Been Shot

 Covid self-isolation has taught me a number of things:

- I am an extroverted introvert. (Or am I and introverted extrovert?!) I am quite content being in my own little space. I don't need to get "out there", but if I am out in a crowd, I am not always a wall-flower - I might surprise myself and others, by standing out in the crowd!

- I can cook amaZing things just by looking through the freezer, cabinets and fridge. I don't always need a recipe, and I'm open to experimenting with alternate ingredients if I don't have one or more ingredients in a recipe. (Many of my friends are struggling because they can't eat out... that was never a problem for either of the Dreamers - we rarely eat out anyway - so we don't miss it.)

- I am not immune to events happening around me. OK, so yes, I know I can be emotional. And, yes, there has been more than one occasion where my mind/emotions rule my body and make my heart race, or don't let me sleep, or give me a sense of ill feeling. But, I didn't realize the extent of the impact outside events could have on the inside of me until the night before the election. Watching the news sent my blood pressure through the roof, and I ended up in the hospital for two nights of observation and tests! It's all better now and I was given a fast-acting, strong prescription to use in case it happens again. 

- I have learned how fortunate I am to live in these times where literally everything is at my fingertips. I can order things online and have them delivered to my door...including my groceries! I am grateful that we have the means to do this, to have a nice home and to pay our bills.

- I discovered how much I miss my family! I want to see my grand kids in person. I want to hug them, and hold them, and see how much they have grown. I miss my boys. We talk. We FaceTime, but it is not the same thing. 

So, today I was shot. I RECEIVED MY FIRST DOSE of the Moderna vaccine! This is THE MOST exciting thing that has happened to me since I earned my National Board Certification as a teacher in 1996!! No joke! 

Florida began offering the vaccine to the 65 and older crowd as 2020 came to a close. The roll out was a wreck! Lee County (where I used to winter) made national news for the audacity of having seniors standing in line overnight for the chance to get the vaccine. Our neighbors were in line beginning at 4 AM - wishing they had brought blankets and chairs! Other vaccination sites had their online reservation sites crash within minutes. We tried calling numerous numbers for counties around us, getting no answers, or out-of-order messages. It was very frustrating. The local news would announce a site where seniors could get vaccinations, and the available reservations would be nabbed within 5 - 10 minutes. I was discouraged. Yesterday, a friend sent me a message saying that the Lee Health system, of which I'm a member, was taking appointment reservations. I called immediately, and unbelievably had an appointment for the Mister and me for this morning. I was "over-the-top" excited! However, I remained skeptical until I walked into the facility and was directed to the clinic administering the shots. Whew! I can breathe again!

Now, we know that we can have our 2nd vaccine (appointment already scheduled) in 4 weeks, and after that, we will be free to head west. We sold "Big Red", our 40' motorhome. Now we have "Tommie" - our mini motor home. This will be our cross-country home on wheels. 

I feel like we have been given a 

Sorry, but no, I will not be selling this card! 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

WIP (Works in Progress)

I began this post a few weeks ago, um well... to be honest - I began this post in October! Yikes!  When I came back to the post, this is what I saw:

I guess one might also consider that this post is a "Work in Progress!!"

I have been juggling projects. Thirty-some years ago, I actually learned how to juggle! But, this is a different sort of juggling... and another blog post!

I have been involved in some home improvement projects:

Most notably, we finally started, and almost finished our fireplace!!

We taped out our first idea on the wall last December:

We weren't sold on it. We came up with another plan.

The mister began to frame the fireplace. If we are struck by an EF5 tornado, the fireplace will stand! We will tear out the fireplace and crawl in the space and we'll be perfectly safe!

We revised our plan. We rethought it. We reimagined it.

I wanted to have a wood-grain fireplace. The mister liked that idea, but wanted a painted area above. We considered different ways to use trim to "marry" a painted top and a wood lower section that stood out by 3/4". Then, after looking at wood flooring, tile flooring and rough-sawn lumber...we found "blue stain pine siding." OMG! This was perfect. The color was just what we liked. The variation was sweet. The price was right, and it serves as a reminder of our time in Colorado!

We began installing wood planks and painted the niche for the TV

Now, we have to install the TV and put in baseboard molding.

So, we have made a lot of progress, but it is still a WIP!
The TV is in... but we want to do some sort of "wash" to tone down the yellow of the wood, but maintain the gray. Yup... still a WIP!

One of the local quilt shops decided to have a "challenge". We were to make a self portrait out of fabric incorporating a fat quarter we purchased from her shop. This was my completed project. 

Everyone had so much fun she gave us another challenge. This is now one of my WIPs. The challenge is to make a 20" X 20" quilt using the multi-color fabric on the bottom, and at least two others. 

When I saw the fabric it reminded me of sea fans. I can't wait to see other's responses to see if the fabric influenced others to think the same way. I sketched out my idea. (It is on the bulletin board above a bat I made for one of the littles. )

Here is a picture of the project that is almost finished. I am thrilled with all of the different techniques I used. Regardless of how it is judged, I am pleased with how the project pushed me to try new things!

A few months ago I had an email from one of the quilting shops. It was featuring a quilt with a whale on it. I liked the fact, I had purchased some of the fabric to make pillow covers for our great room. I didn't pay much attention to the email. However, I began thinking about our guest bathroom. I was thinking of it as a "seaman's cottage" and realized the colors of the fabric, and the theme of the quilt would make a great shower curtain!! So, I ordered fabric, cut most of it, began sewing some of it...WIP!!

This is the pattern.

This is my "Quilt Wall" with the cut fabrics displayed so I can sew them in the correct sequence!

Finally, perhaps the biggest challenge and WIP involves me! My benefits department sent out notices about a weight lost program* in May or June. They would pay for the program. I had nothing to lose, except a few pounds that had crept up on me over the years. I began the program at the beginning of July. 

Here is a picture of me in Nov. 2019, and another (in the same clothes) at the beginning of Oct, 2020.


I've lost a few pounds since the last picture was taken. I've lost a total of 32 pounds, 
over 20" (bust, waist, hips, thighs) 
I've dropped from size 12 or 14 to size 6 or 8, 
(Oh and a bra size of 36 DD to a 32 C or B!!!). 
Wow! I can't believe it myself!

So... what WIPs do you have???

*The program my Employee Benefits Office paid for is called "Naturally Slim"
I have tried many, many weight loss programs through the years. I have "successfully" completed Weight Watchers (twice!!), the Atkins diet and countless others. Naturally Slim is the first program that I truly believe I can follow for the rest of my life. I don't count calories. I don't have to eat specific foods. I can eat and drink whatever I like.... in moderation. The program has changed the way I think about my hunger and food. It has truly been a life changer... and I hope in years to come, I can still support the program and that I am no longer a WIP!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rocking at Babcock Ranch

 One of the residents in our community began a "Babcock Ranch Rocks" page on FaceBook. The page is used to post painted rocks that you find throughout our community. Every once in a while, if I am lucky, I find a painted rock. When I do, I post my find on the FaceBook page and relocate the rock. 

This is one of the rocks I have found. 

Way back when, I painted some rocks to look like turtles, but sadly, I can't find my pictures of those. They were painted on rocks I found on the beach in Oregon, which were mottled like a turtle shell, so I added features to bring the inner turtle out! I decided that I could paint some more and hide them in our community. It's a lot of fun to create something...and then set it free!

 This is a butterfly I painted. I also created a turtle, a frog and a dog, a ladybug, and some with random designs in bright colors. 

Then, I experimented with painting apple snail shells. Many of these are exotic, invasive species. The shore birds delight in eating the animal (hooray for eliminating the exotic species) and leave the shells on the shore of our lake so that I can find them... and paint them. This is one of my favorites! It is supposed to look like an echinacea flower. 

It's hard to explain, but finding a special rock makes a special day!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

For the Birds

My obsession was started by my BFF. She attended a workshop by Lynne Tyler, and raved about Lynne's "Liberated Birds".  I checked out Lynne's "Patchwork Menagerie" and I was hooked! I adored her simple bird design. I decided that I wanted to make a quilt with her birds.

This was just the beginning...

---of my flock!

I made a bird here... and there. I discovered that each bird had his/her own personality. They became good friends. They "talked" to me!

I positioned my birds on my flannel wall. I tried them this way... and that! I rearranged one side, and changed birds top and bottom. I swapped this guy for that guy. I worked at varying colors and patterns. I stared at my wall, and swapped one bird for another for days! I tried to balance so many variables: color, direction bird is facing, fabric patterns, size, leg color... it just about drove me crazy!

Then came the challenge of putting it all together. Measure twice, cut once... oops! Try again! It was tedious at best, and involved a lot of muttering to myself!

My quilt began with a "charm pack". A charm pack is an assortment of 42 fabrics from a designer's collection. I purchased the pack years ago, and when I saw the birds, decided it met my needs. However, needs were greater than I anticipated. First I had to order more white, Then I needed more dark blue prints. Then I needed more, more, more. As I neared the completion of my birdies I worked on a pieced backing for my quilt with the leftover fabrics. 

Finally the piecing was finished; top and bottom! Hooray - celebration #1!

Next, I very carefully loaded the backing (I needed to keep it straight) and the top on my long arm quilting machine. I quilted some of the birdie wings with swirls or feathers, or added details to their chests. The white fabric was quilted with a meandering leaf design. 

I pulled my quilt off of the long arm machine. Celebration #2: not only was it finished but the backing was perfectly square! Woohoo! The quilt was bound, and sent off to my brother and his wife. He previously shared pictures of their new "cabin" in Idaho. They had tiles with birds on their backsplash. I think this quilt belongs to them! But, to be honest... I am going to miss my little birdies!

Interstate Pictures

 Before we bought Tommie, we purchased this Airstream Interstate. It is for sale. I am posting pictures on the blog so potential buyers can ...