Sunday, November 5, 2023

I knew I Could - Vickie's A-musings

Hi, I'm Vickie, and I just had some great fun!

I earned 4 ribbons!! Sweet!

Me with two of. my 4 ribbons

I just knowed I could do it. I'm just a runnin', funnin', fool my mama says, on account of I like to chase plastic bags on strings. I learnded that some folks call those bags "trash bunnies" on account of a lotta plastic bags are for trash, and some dogs, like me, like to chase bunnies, and the plastic bags are the next bestest thing! 

Yeah, sometimes I do slow down and take it easy!

My mama and dad took me to a place with a whole lotta dogs. I was struck dumb, as in, not able to talk bark, kinda dumb - cause truth be told - I'm smart as a fox, not dumb at all. In fact, I was almost named Foxy Lady cause I even look like a little ol' red fox, but they named me Queen Victoria the Vixen instead. A vixen is a fox, or a shrewish, ill-tempered woman. I guess that kinda describes me!  I can be kinda bossy-like, and, man-o-man, I bark in a very high-pitched, shrewish way....just to make my humans bark back at me. I know how to get attention, yes I do! After all, I am The Queen! They either named me right, or I have grown to fill the name they gave me!

If you look at the top of the quilt I'm snuggling with,  it has my title!

Anyways, I digress (see how smart I am, although I first thought that word was degrease, and I'd love to degrease that frying pan any time it's used!) My mama and dad once happened to see a coursing event. They didn't know nuthin' 'bout it, but enjoyed seeing the dogs running after trash bunnies on a zig-zag course, and were enthralled by watching dogs run as fast as their legs would take them on a 100-yard dash. Touch down! When I first exhibited tendencies to chase the doggie poop bag on the end of the leash, they said to themselves...or thought to themselves, that Vickie might really like that 100 yard dash thing. So, they looked it up and found out it is called FastCAT. When I first heard them talk about it, I must be honest here, I was sure they were talkin' about dogs chasing' fast cats, but it turns out there ain't no cats, which would be almost as good as bunnies in my book! CAT stands for "Coursing Ability Test". It's a way to see what dogs have that ability, and boy, do I have it! I'm all about chasing that bag. I have lots of ability. Dontcha just know it!

The first night at the E-vent I got to try it just for the heck of it. I didna' need any help, I didna' need my human to walk down the course with me...I was on it, lickety-splitidy. I was so intent on what I was doing, I even forgot to bark! I runned and runned and runned as fast as I could go, and the guys in charge said I did great. 

This is a watercolor my mom did, tryin to show how fast I run!

The next two days I got to try it for real, with a timer and everything. I runned the course 4 times. My first time was 11.32 seconds, and my fastest time was 10.66 seconds. That means, even with my stubby, chubby legs I runned just under 19 miles per hour! Not bad for a Corgi - in fact, the AKC (whoever they are) has a chart showing the top Corgi scores in the USA...and I'd fall about 114th fastest Corgi. Holy cow! And, I'm just one year old. I'm gonna get faster and faster - I bet. 

Anyways, my mama and dad are really proud of me. They gave me some treats and lots of pets and lots of hugs and told me what a good girl I was. I just sat there, like a Queen would do, on account of I am Queen Victoria!

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