Monday, January 20, 2020

2019 Retrospective


Morning walks with the dogs

Busy times at the Creations Clubhouse

Dulcimer workshop in Mt. Dora

Yard work in Point Richmond

Surprise! A pretty tree (found out later it is a peach tree)

Whinny gets loaded!

Going out of harbor

Boxes are the best


After (actually finished in July)

Love the littles!

Pretty skies

March Madness

Ready for the Pickleball skit

April - Savannah in the Spring


The Rivoli Crew
Sadly, we lost Jennifer to lung cancer (2nd from left) in December

Sketching rally sights

Bumping into Carlos and Donna (Texas friends) in Savannah

Sad to see the old Bluffton House

Love bug season

June: Rochester Reunion

Harley friends

I used to be bigger than the tree

Sarah Alexander, Jim Schwarz and his family

July: Uh oh, we like this house

Summer fun in San Fran (and surroundings)




Visit with Inger in Tehachapi


After growth hormones!

On its way to being "home"



The stockings were hung...

New Year's Eve at RiverBend..
the end!

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