Friday, January 17, 2020

W.E.P. Runner Up

I mentioned in an earlier post that my English teacher in high school never liked my writing. He had a way of knocking my legs out from under me. I consistently earned C's or worse on my papers. Early on I met with him to find out what I could do to improve my grades. He had the audacity to peer down on me and say, "Your writing will improve with maturity." My response was less than polite, and probably earned me more downticks on my grades! Several times since graduation I have had occasion to feel proud about my writing, and thrilled to know that apparently, I have matured!

Recently I learned that I was the Runner-Up in the December W.E.P. writing challenge. Validation that I can, indeed, write well enough!

Click on the image to be transported magically (like Dorothy clicking her heels together) to my entry for the December challenge.

The judge, Nick Wilford, commented:

"Heartrending and emotional. Captures so much in just a few words" (175 words to be exact.)
Nick, you have no idea how your words have had an impact on me!

To visit the WEP site click on the badge below. There is a link to the challenges for 2020 if you care to join the fun.


  1. Hi Cyndi - well done ... and so glad you kept writing ... now you can wear your WEP badge with pride ... all the best - February is not far away ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks. Yes, the year started off in high gear!


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