Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 17: Trucking

Last week Pippin and Doc traveled 4 1/2 hours to the trainer without batting an eye, lifting a toe, or complaining in any way. They were great in the trailer. Of course, they did have plenty of hay for the trip, hanging right in front of their faces. When we stopped for gas, and while we waited at the trainer's to offload them, neither became restless - they continued eating from the hay nets.
I felt very comfortable leaving my sweet boys at the trainer's barn. I think he was quite pleased with how they looked. A phone call later in the week confirmed that they were settling in well.
The day after our trip I gave my trailer a thorough cleaning...inside and out. I feel so lucky to have a horse trailer - I want to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible. When I had horses previously I had to pay to have my horse trucked anywhere, or rely on (and maybe, inconvenience) my friends. I knew I wanted a trailer shortly after I bought my Haffies. I began looking on Craig's list. I couldn't find one that met my needs at a price I was willing to pay. Then, one day while volunteering at therapeutic riding, the instructor told me she was getting a new trailer. She indicated that she was trading her 'old' trailer in. The outcome was that she sold me her two-horse slant trailer for the same amount that the trailer dealer offered her for a trade-in. Such a sweet deal!

From the Post "Doc in the Box"

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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 17:

1. What is the ideal trailer for you.

2. Do you use shipping boots, a padded halter, a head bumper or other protective equipment for your horse when trailering?

3. What item(s) do you always carry in your trailer, or recommend that other's carry?

My answers:

1.  For me, the ideal trailer is a light-weight trailer with a tack/storage area. I want room for me by the horse's head so I can safely lead the horse into the trailer, so a side-by-side trailer with the tack storage under the horses' noses won't do. I really like the idea of a front door for a quick exit, if needed. If I were to get involved in carriage driving it would be nice to have a larger trailer (and truck) so I could have a winch to pull the carriage into the trailer, and then have a place for the horse(s). Of course, that trailer would require a ramp. In my earlier life I would have said that a ramp was necessary, however, my horses have been fine with the step-up.

2. When I bought blankets for the horses, shipping boots came with them. I used them only a few times, but they didn't really fit chunky, Haffie legs that well. However, on this last trip, since were were traveling for a longer distance and since we would have unknown bumps, stoplights and hills, I used the boots.  I always get tickled at watching the horses take there first few steps with the boots on, lifting their legs up so very high, and hesitating with each step! I don't use other protective equipment for the Haffies.

3. The tack area of my trailer always contains: a bucket, a muck bucket, a pitch fork, baling twine, a hoof pick, a jack and tire wrench, some horse treats, a cooler for the horse, an extra halter and an extra lead rope. I usually have the horses' tack, a slicker, a lunge line, a sweatshirt or extra jacket, a horse blanket, a multi-tool, a carrot stick (or a crop), grooming equipment, and my helmet. I should probably add a gallon of water and a first aid kit to my 'must have' list. In addition, I have emergency information taped on the tack room wall. This includes my contact information, my ICE (In Case of Emergency) information, and the vet's name and phone number. Hmmm....what else do you think should be in there?

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  1. You are very prepared on your trailer rides! I am going to post my answers tomorrow.

    But this post reminds me. . .Shy got out of her halter while tied to the trailer at the last show! Ugh! I thought of Pippin when she did this. :)

  2. I am very impressed with Pippin and Doc!

  3. Awww....Doc in the Box. He's such a good guy. Good questions! Ah yes, the helmet! How did I miss that when I was making my list. I will go back and add it. It is a must!


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