Monday, June 11, 2012

Wine Wobble

Our town has a monthly wine walk. 
I think they should rename it the "Wine Wobble!"

One Friday evening each month, from June to October, the Chamber of Commerce sells wrist bands and gives each guest a commemorative wine glass. Guests can go to ten participating merchants to receive a taste of wine.  There are almost 30 merchants to choose from. Each merchant has a selection of wines from which to choose. Most have at least a red and a white. Some have up to 6 different labels.

A plus for participating merchants is that wine can not isn't supposed to be consumed on the street, so people have an opportunity to browse in each shop and/or talk to the business owners. We had some interesting conversations about the wine, about the town, and about merchandise in the shops.

Some of the merchants carefully measure the suggested amount. 
I think it might be two ounces. 
Others just 'eyeball' the pour....
pouring anywhere from 4 to 6 ounces.

Some of the shops provide cheese and crackers or chips and dips.
Some shops have special sale merchandise.
Some shops give out coupons.

I still have 4 tickets left?!

After a few stops...
Things get a bit more casual.
I found that I wasn't really appreciating the taste of the wine.
It was!
I have 3 tickets left?!

Hubby and I keep running into his younger 'twin'.
After the third meeting, 
which came sometime between the 7th and 9th glass,
people began taking pictures of the 'twins'!

Things were getting a bit hazy by that point.
How many tickets do I have left?
Where's the car?
I think it is time to go home!

Shall we wobble on our way?


  1. Fun! We don't have anything like that near my home, but sometimes we go up north and they have these. I love walking through the shops.

  2. Well how much fun is that !?!! What was your favorite?

  3. A nearby town has a "pub crawl" once a year. From what a co-worker describes the name fits, as he says most can't walk upright towards the end.

  4. Looks like there was a really good turnout!

  5. I'd *love* that gala! What a wonderful excuse/justification for sampling a couple of glasses of vino?!!!

    I bet the "twins" were the unplanned hit of the event. Next time, *everyone* should dress alike. What a hoot that would be.


  6. I would have to walk home! It sounds like a good way for businesses to make new customer connections:)


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