Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh, The Places I'll Go

Oh, the places I'll go,
And the things that I'll see.
I'm no longer at home
Can you guess where I be?

Here are some pictures,
That might be a clue.
Two pictures tell a story,
Perhaps they'll help you.

If the pictures don't help you,
And you haven't got it yet,
It might help you to know
That Debby is getting us wet.

Because I'm away
And the Internet is quite bad,
I may not see your posts,
It will make me quite sad.

But when I return,
After having some fun,
I'll catch up with you, friends,
To see what you've done!

So, now that I'm finished,
Do you know where Dreaming went?
Did you put the pieces together?
Leave a guess in your comment!


  1. Yep, I agree with luckybunny, you have gone to that state where the mouse lives in his east coast house. From fire to hurricane, huh? But looks like you traveled 1st class; you got more than a tiny bag of peanuts! Enjoy.

  2. Florida of course :) Have a great time

  3. Have fun and say Hi to Mickey when you see him:)

  4. That glove looks like Mickey's
    I have no ideal.
    Whereever you are
    I hope it's a thrill.

  5. Mickey and minnie did not come to Annabel and chris's wedding - say thank you to them though for the card!!!

  6. Well i agree with everyone else. Disney land or world. I always get the two mixed up. Have fun!

    Cindy Bee


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