Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hell Hath No Fury

But, what the heck did I do to deserve this?!!

The view on our trip home from the grocery store.
Our house is just over the hill, on the left.
Yeah, where it looks like rain is coming down...
in torrents!
It was actually only sprinkling.
This mess was further east.
 4:45 PM

A bit later....
June showers bring 
beautiful rainbows!
Do you see the rain and yes, some hail, in the photo?
In real life it looked like diamonds falling from the sky!
6:00 PM

And about an hour later....
it continues!
6:30 PM

Later still....
There is now a river in our neighbor's pasture
where there is usually nothing but grass.
It even has some white water!
7:00 PM

Do you see the circle with the + sign in it?
That's where we are located. 
We saw more pink and purple around our home
than we've ever seen before.
7:22 PM

Hail, hail, the gang's all here.
Still storming!
7:45 PM

Our PinPoint Weather forecaster tells us something we already know.
The storm is stalled...
right over our house!
8:48 PM
the morning after:

Just in case you can't identify the remnants...
Petunias and Dahlias


 Day Lilies

Cherry Tree

Two hailstones
How big must they have been when they fell?
(Have I ever said how much Tucker loves ice?!)


  1. WOW !!! that is some wicked weather. Sorry your flowers and tomatoes are lost...

  2. Looks like an Oklahoma storm! So sorry about your tomatoes and flowers. Hope your house and cars weathered the storm better than the plants.

  3. That first picture looks crazy. I hate when it hails.

  4. WOW! Scary weather. Is it too late in your area to replant your tomatoes?

    Cindy Bee

  5. Bless your heart! I was just looking at pics on of the storms and had to run to blogger in a hurry to check in with you. I guess I'm glad to see you posted since that means you still have a house to post from and all that. But your poor plants! All that work and summer bounty lost. Like I said...bless your heart! How did Doc and Pippin do?

  6. Downright nasty! Guess I should quit whining about our weather- yours was much worse!
    The dahlias and daylillies should some back, they are pretty hardy. not so much the petunias. Hope your car didn't get all dented- that's some pretty big hail.

  7. Wow! What did you folks do to deserve that pounding? We've had lots of rain this week, but thankfully no wind or hail. Of course, we *know* how to behave here in the SC Lowcountry! :-)


  8. Wow, that's some hail! So sorry about your plants, poor things.

  9. Cool photos thanks for sharing!

  10. Dreaming, we didn't even get a drop of rain! Crazy!

  11. We sure could use some rain but you can have all that nasty other stuff! So sad about your tomatoes/plants. Hopefully they'll recover?

  12. Gosh the rain would have been nice, but that hail. I'm sure your heart just broke when you saw your plants. I know mine would.

    No storms here...we are still dry...very dry!


  13. We got not a drop of moisture. It's like there was a bubble around our area.

  14. Love the pictures so cool you captured so clearly but :(( sadness for your flowers & tomatoes :(( Be safe

  15. Boy you guys certainly did get a wintry blast. I hope all your cars weren't damaged.....and your animals were tucked up some place safe.

  16. Oh no..what a terrible storm..I just came to check on you and make sure you were not in a fire area..I guess not. Your Day Lilies will be ok..give everything a shot of fertilizer and see what happens..that was some huge hail:(

  17. Oh man! It's all or nothing it seems!

    Awesome photos and videos!



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