Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Patrice has invited us for a chat on the porch. Wendell won't be joining us because he is hanging out with the draft horses. That must mean that he is feeling better! Hooray!

So, here are the questions Patrice has us chatting about:

1. If you wear a hat, what kind is it most likely to be?
I rarely wore a hat when I lived in SC. I am rarely without a hat in sunny Colorado! Some of that is because of the sun, but sometimes it is because of the wind. I don't like to have my hair blowing in my face! Most of the time I wear a baseball cap. I also have a gardening hat that covers my neck. A few weeks ago we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. I had forgotten a hat, so I bought a wrap-around hat that connects with velcro, leaving the top of my head exposed.

2. Do you wear perfume or cologne (ever)?
Once in a blue moon! I have a variety of 'flavors', and my dad sometimes gave me some sort or another as a gift, but I rarely use it.

3. What's your favorite snack while watching movies or television?
I try NOT to snack while watching the 'boob tube'! If I have a 2nd glass of wine in the evening, then I'm likely to hit the kitchen for snacks. I crave salty/starchy stuff; crackers, chips, etc. Sweets are next. I try not to buy them because I have no NO will power!

4. What's the last gift you purchased or made?
Hubby and I went to the farmer's market in our town. A nifty company had a booth there. We looked at their wares and both of us figured that they had a perfect gift for our older son. I can't say what we purchased, because he sometimes checks the blog, but we figure he'll love it!

5. We're supposed to finish this sentence: Before summer is over I hope I've....
lost some extra pounds!

So, come join the chat on Patrice's porch.
Click on the image below to magically 'fly' to her site!


  1. Good luck on your #5 I need to do that this summer as well :{ but those darn salty snacks get me every time lol. Have a great week!

  2. I never wear hats, I can't stand them. I keep my hair pulled back into a ponytail all the time because I hate my hair in my face.
    I don't wear perfume too often, but when I do, I like the fruity smells over the flowery or powdery smells.
    I don't really snack while watching TV either. If I do eat, it is a meal. We never eat at our table, just on the couch.
    I just purchased some wine racks for my husband for his birthday. I hope they get here soon, I plan to put them up on the wall and put his favorite wines in them for him.
    I am with you on #5! I need need need to lose weight.

  3. 1) No hat for me. 2) I've worn Channel No. 5 for many, many years. 3) Snacks = I prefer salty snack, which I usually eat about 6 p.m. as I do not often eat snacks after our late dinner. IMHO, sweets are for breakfast! 4) Gift = satellite radio for Bacot's birthday in May. 5) Shedding some weight is always desirable; however, I view weight, age, etc. as "just numbers". Hummm, perhaps that is why there isn't much change in the readings on the scale.



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