Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Centus: Techno-Machination

It's Saturday! Do you know what that means? OK, yeah, for most of you it means, "play day." But for me, it's Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. That means it's time to put my brain in gear and respond to her prompt, and only use 100 words with that prompt. That's quite a challenge! So, what did Jenny throw at us this week? We must put together some sort of writing and include the phrase: "it's an amusing little whine" and yes, the misspelling is purposeful. So...where will I go with that?!

I am a victim of techno-machination. Spell check and auto-correct hijacked my words; they were twisted, turned and spit back out. What is my computer thinking? When will they develop software that’s not so stupid? Why does this happen to me? What next?
The copy I sent the editor should have read:
This wine delivers aromas of pain grille with jammy overtones and finishes with zesty acidity. It’s an amazing little wine!
Instead, I pick up the magazine to read my wine review: 
This wine delivers aromas of pained girl in pajamas overdone and finished with testy acidity. It’s an amusing little whine!

How would you have responded to this one?
To read more responses to Jenny's Saturday Centus, 
click on the image below. 

Jenny Matlock


  1. What an excellent piece of writing! If this were a contest, you would win, hands down!!!

  2. LOL, I love auto corrects. I don't know how you came up with this but it was really great.

  3. That was perfect!! I hate spellcheckers, spellcorrecters and word "anticipators" without brains or the ability to read my mind! I can't tell you the number of messages that have been sent wishing I could take them back...LOL

  4. So very funny! I hope the PJ's were stylish!!!!

  5. Cute! Love you picture. Yes, spell check can be dangerous.

  6. Oh, this sounds like what would happen to me. Good take on the centus. laurie

  7. oh, brilliant!!! fabulous take on the centus prompt, and totally original!

  8. Oh my gosh. I'm laughing my butt off here.

    Clever, clever use of this prompt!

    You are a gem!


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