Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 15: Countdown

This week has been tough. I've been counting down the days until I take the horses to the trainer, who will later sell them for me. I talked about my decision to sell them on this post. The time marches inexorably closer. As I do something with the horses, I find myself thinking, "I will only be able to do this 5  4 more times." The numbers tick closer to 0. It makes me sad. Tears well up in my eyes.  But I know that this is the right thing to do. The horses need more than I can give them. They are young. They want to work. In gardening, it's important to pick the right plant for the right place. I realize this is true with horses, too. These aren't the right horses for me. They aren't in the right place. Some day I will find the right horse!

So, enough of this sadness. Let's get hopping!

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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 15:

1. Tell us about something you experienced which began with a countdown.

2. Count....  What counts for you?  Or what do you count?

3. Down.... What is a downer for you and what strategies do you use to overcome a depressing situation?

My answers:

1. We went to a Space Shuttle launch in 1994. My son's teacher's brother was the Commander of the flight. I wasn't prepared to be excited by this. However, when the earth shook under our feet, and then the sound rumbled over us, I was in awe. This was one of the most amazing countdowns I've ever experienced! 

2. Who wrote this question? This is too hard! I'll skip the first, and move on to the second. My kids and I used to count in the car. We'd try to guess how far we'd have to count before we made it home, or to school, or to a friend's house. We also practiced 'skip counting'. One of us would choose a beginning number, one would suggest the 'skip' interval and the last would decide whether we would add or subtract. For example, we might begin at 93, count at intervals of 7, and subtract. Then, we'd take turns naming the next number in the sequence: 93, 86, 79.... and so forth. Both of my boys are excellent in Math. I suspect that this type of activity gave them a head start!

3. Downers for me include grumpy people, rainy days, sad stories and seeing, or even hearing about, abused animals. It helps me feel better if I can confront the situation. If I can't, being active distracts me from the depressing situation. I think that's why I enjoy crafts. 

Now it's your turn. Respond to the questions on your blog, or in the comments. Don't forget to ask us a question!


  1. I'm sad for you, too. I'm inspired by your strength, though, to realize that they're not the right horses for you and then do something about it. I know a lot of horse owners who buy a horse, realize it's not the right horse and then ignore them - turn them into yard ornaments. You're doing what's best for the boys, even if it hurts like hell. But my heart still hurts for you.

  2. Dreaming, you are gonna make me cry and that is not an easy task! I love Doc and Pippin like they are in my own barn, even though we have never met! I do admire your honesty with yourself to do what is best for the boys even if it hurts.

  3. I missed that post, so this is news to me. We all love your horses, so we know how much you will miss them, but you are being a responsible horse owner by trying to find them a home where they will get used. JB over at Dennis Ranch drives a Haffie team to do ranch chores, maybe you could contact him and he might know someone who would like your team.
    If you find you still want a horse, but just one, I suggest an older, been there/done that horse that doesn't need training, that you can either ride when you have time or just keep in pasture to love on.
    Give Doc and Pippin hugs from me!

  4. I am giving you a great big virtual hug right now. I know what a difficult decision this is. You are doing the best thing for the boys and for you. I will try to get on the hop this weekend. Blogging has been hard lately. From OnceUpon's wireless Tab.

  5. I am giving you a great big virtual hug right now. I know what a difficult decision this is. You are doing the best thing for the boys and for you. I will try to get on the hop this weekend. Blogging has been hard lately. From OnceUpon's wireless Tab.

  6. What a shock to read that you are parting with Doc & Pippin! I do hope this tale will have a very happy ending for all parties.


  7. I must have missed the selling post, now that I have read itmy girls I babysit are giving me a weird look as I sit here and say awe ): I. Glad your strong enough to be able to part with them knowing it is best for the boys. I hope I can be that strong in the future when my next horse comes and is ready to leave. Poor Pippi is stuck with me (;

  8. Oh my! I had no idea you were going to be selling Doc and Pippin! Say it isn't so. Things just won't seem the same around here without them. Now...I'm sad, too!



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