Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 12: Firsts

Last week Allison, Adventures with Shyloh, asked about our first experiences in competition. That made me delve down into the far recesses of my brain to dust off the memories of that first experience. Her question actually sent me to the basement to find my box of ribbons and all of their associated memories! When we moved, the box was put in the discard pile, but Hubby insisted that I hang on to it! 

Here is a sampling. Each represents a 'first' for me, even though they weren't all blue! Most of my equine competition centered around Pony Club Rallies, which are like mini three-day events with dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping. One long day - one ribbon - if you were lucky good. Most of mine were yellow, third place!

These represent, from left to right:

First indoor horse show on some show circuit
First "First" with Apple (my second horse)
First (and only) show I organized - a fund raiser for my school
First show requiring overnight stay
First "First" in a Pony Club Rally
First ribbon earned in a PC Rally

Welcome to the Blog Hop. 
This week it will be fun to share 'firsts'!

I hope you can join in the fun.

In case you are new... or as a reminder:

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Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 12:

This week I'm simply going to ask that you tell us about some of your 'firsts'. You might consider telling us about your first:
  • pony
  • pet
  • child
  • riding lesson
  • job
  • 'home cooked' meal
  • speeding ticket
  • ???? You decide! Anything goes!
I'd love to hear (and see) your first blog post. Who, or what, got you started in blogging? When was your first post? If you care to, link to it for us!

Here are a few 'firsts' that stand out in my mind:
  • JOB: I worked at a sporting goods shop while I was in High School. I rarely took home a paycheck as I could buy anything, special order items included, and get a 25% discount! I was hired because the shop had a small horseback riding section with some boots and clothes and a few horse items. I was considered to be an 'expert' in horse equipment. Many of the horse items found a home in my tack trunk!
  • SADDLE: I bought a used English saddle with a broken tree for $10. My barrel horse never seemed to have an issue with the broken tree!

  • PET: This is my mother, me, and the first Tucker! His full name was 'Friar Tuck of Windy Pines'. He was the first of many Golden Retrievers in my life.

  • HOUSE: When we were very young (Do you remember a book by that title? If so, you are probably as old as I am!!) we were very poor and we built a very plain, small house in the middle of a big wood! We lived in the house for 30 years. We built additions, we changed it here and there. But, it was always our 'first' house. We sold the house in 2010. I miss the house and all of those memories it held. But, I LOVE my home in Colorado and I love my life.

  • HORSE: I was lucky to find a friend who had some extra horses. I rode 'Two Bits' and 'Bobby' in many Pony Club events. The time came when my friend's horses couldn't do what I needed. My parents agreed that if I bought the horse, they would see that his monthly bills were taken care of. Such a deal! Can I do that again, Dad?!! My first horse was a sweet gray that I renamed 'Wynsocky'. I wrote a post about 'Socky' here.
  • FIRST POST: Well, OK, I first learned about blogging via the movie, "Julie and Julia" but I didn't figure that 'real' people blogged. Then, I met 'Once Upon an Equine' and began reading her blog. I loved her humor and I enjoyed the idea of being 'published'. Pippin wrote my first post on Feb. 25, 2010. His post was called: Pippin's Pondering. I made his post a separate page later on so folks could learn a bit more about Pippin - Doc has one, too!
So, now it's your turn. What are some of your firsts? 


  1. I missed last week, mostly because the first question threw me for a loop. I'm still thinking about it.

    This week's is going to be fun! I'll see if I can get something put together tonight or tomorrow evening.

    I love your firsts.

  2. I love the blog hop idea - I just am not consistant enough - maybe one day ;)

    What great firsts - got me thinking!

    LOVED the story about your brother and the ducks! That is so funny! For awhile my duck would lay an egg with the geese eggs, but I kept taking them out - so I think she just gave up. I had another hen go broody last night with 6 eggs under her and I think I have a goose trying to sit now finally....We have so many eggs this year I figured why the heck not just let them do their thing? I may be overrun with little peepers by mid-june!

  3. I *love* the photos you have posted with your blog. Unfortunately, I never met your mom but suspect that she was a very, very special woman.

    I really can't remember many firsts, especially as I have had no children, no horses, no riding lessons, only one (1) speeding ticket (which was in Yemassee a couple of years ago after two warnings that I remember --- one in Bridgewater, VA on my way to student teaching and one on SC 170 near the Lemon Island Bridge early on Saturday morning on my way to Hilton Head ES for a tech class, and don't do much cooking.

    Having *always* had pets (parakeets, fish, dogs, cats, and even a skunk) in the household while growing up, I can't recall the "first pet" unless I consider the wonderful 3 year-old miniture poodle I bought after I was graduated from college. As I assured my 8th grade students, Jingle spoke southern ("Bark you all" was one of her favorite comments) and determined where I would live as many apt. complexes would NOT accept dogs. It was a very sad day when the mailman ran over my blind, deaf 17+ year-old dog one day when she "slipped" away from Bacot, who became distracted and lost track of Jingle, who loved him as much as he loved her.


  4. Thanks for fixing the linky thing :)


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