Sunday, May 27, 2012


Somehow my Hubby and I volunteered
to help at a sheep dog trial this weekend. 
Yesterday was all about the sheep:

 150 of them.... give or take a few!
This herd lives in the mountains near Steamboat Springs.
They are basically wild, only handled for shearing
and annual veterinary care.

 The sheep were penned in a large round pen.
Neither of us have ever handled sheep. We learned a lot!
We learned to slowly move the sheep so we could
gather some sheep in a smaller holding area.

From there, we learned to move
four sheep into each of two chutes.

 This group of four are on deck for being moved to
the 'exhaust pen' by a sheep dog. 

Lexie waits for the sheep to be released so she can help move them.
Lexie isn't 'on trial'. 
She's just helping to get the sheep 
in the right location and keep them there
until the dog on trial comes to pick them up.

The sheep bound out of the gate.
Sometimes they would leap over imaginary obstacles!
That always made me laugh!

  Two fellas on horseback, 
and Lexie,
slowly move each group to an area 
where the sheep dog will be sent 
by the handler to bring them in.

At the end of the day the sheep that
weren't used in the trial exit the pen.
They'll be able to graze in the pasture until they
are taken in for the night.
They'll be moved back out for some grazing in the morning 
before they go to work for the sheep dog trials.


  1. That is something I would like to see live. I love watching a good stock dog work. It is amazing.

  2. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That would be so amazing to be a part of. Glad you took pix.

  4. During my childhood, my cousin's sheep would be rounded up to be clipped and to have the tails of lambs removed. I vividly recall the two different methods used to remove the tails --- rubber bands and knife. I do not recall dogs being used to round up the sheep; however, perhaps I've forgotten that part. Actually, I have no interest in reliving either the sheering or the tail removal!


  5. Thank you for sharing!! Wish I could have been there!!

  6. Did you take some of them and the lovely dog to the Hotchkiss Sheep Dog Trials....this month?



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