Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday Centus On Sunday: Our Pleasure

Oh my, it has been a busy weekend. I have had little time at home. In fact, I didn't even get to read Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus prompt until this morning. Jenny challenges fellow bloggers with interesting prompts each week. This week we had to incorporate the words, "It is our pleasure..."  in any form of writing. We were to write 100 words, plus the four words of the prompt for a total word count of 104.

I had a few minutes between activities to do a little thinking, and finally got home to my computer to type up my response!

It has been my pleasure to write this! I hope you enjoy it!

“It is our pleasure!” 
Jordyn giggled as the obsequious voice responded to her selection from the ChefKing 5600. Her compeer wanted to disconnect the speech module. But Jordyn insisted, “The voice stays!” 
Nutriplate in hand, she sat down at her workstation. She loved the promise of a new day. The kids were at their EduStations engaged in their studies and she was poised to tackle her job. The morning silence was interrupted. “It is our pleasure!” 
Jordyn’s head snapped around. “You!.. are supposed to be engaged in learning, not eating. Get back to work!” 
The ChefKing had tattled on one of the kids, again!

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  1. Oh No! Another tattler in the house. Just what every kid needs. I enjoyed this. Good job. laurie

  2. Oh goodness sakes! This was totally a delightful read!

  3. A cool, fun post. I liked it especially the world you have created. Nice meeting you.

  4. Laurie, this is soooo clever! Nobody likes a tattletale, though, do they!!!

  5. haha...the Jetsons image made it perfect! Well done!!

  6. Fun. And you picked the perfect illustration too!

  7. I léove this! So clever - and cute to add the picture from The Jetsons. I love discovering the real reason Jordyn didn't want to de-activate the voice module, lol!

  8. Oh wow.

    The Jetson's was my favorite TV show when I was a kid!

    Love your creative use of this prompt and your illustration was absolutely perfect!

    Thanks for the smile and the happy memory.


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