Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tucker Talks: Hu-man-iliation

Today started just like any other day. 
Then it got better...

Then it got worse.
Way worse!

How hu-man-iliating!
Just wait 'til you hear read about it!

So, after helping my Mom feed the horses 
she took off for her volunteer stuff.
That left me alone with Dad. 
After a bit he took me out to the car.
Yippee! A ride. 
I love to go for rides in the car.
Rides in the car make me happy!

Then my Dad took me to some strange place.
He left me there.
Do you believe that? 
How awful.
There were a few other dogs there.
There were strange people there.
I had never, ever, been there before.
They said it was a dog groomer's place.
Grooms go with brides. 
I was kinda nervous and excited.
Was I gonna get a bride,
A really good friend to play with?

One of the people persons started to brush me.
That wasn't fun... but it was OK.
Then they put water and soap on me.
I have NEVER had water and soap put on me.
Water, yes.
Soap, no!
PU.... that stuff stinks!
They dried me.
They cut my toe nails.
They used clippers.
They touched me in places that people ought not to touch dogs!
The indignity of it all.

Finally, my dad came and rescued me.
He said he was thrilled by the change.


What do you think?



Oh, it is so hu-man-iliating!


  1. Oh Tucker you look so handsome! I hope they gave you an extra treat for being a good boy:)

  2. Tucker looks so good! And fluffy! I want to give him a hug :)

  3. Tucker will feel soooooo much better --- he will smell better, too! Shadow advised that this "grooming" happens every year without a bride or male wedding principal being involved.


  4. Onyx here: as a former show dog I hear you and feel for you dude. Dog show judges touch in those places too!!!

  5. Being handsome is hard work, Tucker.

  6. Samson Says: Oh, Tucker, I really feel for you. I know a little of what you were going through, I went through some chopping off of my fur and a lot of brushing while at the vet. And my daddy has hosed me off a few times with water. It is the WORST! I wonder if you had a BATH? Daddy says as soon as it gets warm outside, he'll give me one. Well, just let him try!! But you look good, maybe you should get a blogger girlfriend. Not Gracie, who lives with Bobbi, but someone else. Gracie is mine!

  7. Awww poor you! We feel for you, it's pretty rough. You do look good all cleaned up though! - Douglas & Norman


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