Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcome New Friends

I have two three new friends!

Welcome Dee and Courtney... and Kathy! I'm so glad you are my new friends and are following my adventures!

Dee is a 'real' writer... as opposed to those of us who just click things out on the keyboard! Well, really, what I mean is that she is a published writer.... well I guess all Bloggers are 'published'... but Dee has a book published... Well, then again, maybe it wasn't Dee who wrote the book! You see, her cat, Dulcy, channeled her story through Dee, explaining how she (Dulcy) trained her (Dee). You can read more about Dee and Dulcy's book on Dee's Blog: Coming Home to Myself. I learned about Dee and about Dulcy's book from my good friend Inger at Desert Canyon Living and in short order had purchased three copies of the book - an eBook version for me and two books (which Dee so graciously signed) for cat lovers in my family. Oh... I forgot to tell Dee that the eBook version looks great and the illustrations come across beautifully!

Kathy is another new friend. She lives in the southeast, where I used to live! Kathy has three... yes, I said 3 blogs! I hardly keep up with one... and only occasionally post on my second blog! Whew! That's a lot of work! She writes "A Delightsome Life", "The Simple Gift of Grace",  and "Victoria, A Return to Lovliness". Kathy, in my way of thinking, is the epitome of southern charm and grace. If you stop by her main blog, "A Delightsome Life", I think you'll see what I mean!

I love how Blogland connects us to people we would probably never meet in any other way, but who have all kinds of connections to us... and in some ways could be 'us' in a parallel universe. I think Courtney might be my doppelgänger! I have been participating in Patrice's "Chats on a Farmhouse Porch". Patrice organized a Christmas exchange and Courtney and I were paired together. Courtney writes: Sassafras and Winterberry. What I found fascinating was how many ways Courtney and I are alike:
  • We are both teachers (although I'm retired). 
  • We both have two boys.
  • We enjoy knitting...but Courtney seems far more advanced than I am.
  • We have both moved to new homes this summer.
  • We both like antiques - especially antique bric-a-brac and items of decor.
  • Neither of us likes Christmas shopping and we abhor Black Friday.
  • We've both taught third grade.
  • We both have cats that were young mama's
  • We both want to have chickens and enjoy 'country living'!
There are probably many other similarities... I just feel it!

Anyway, I agreed to swap I need to find the perfect gift for Courtney and I think I found it! I am so excited.... I do hope she likes it! It's a ..... oh, wait... I can't say because she might be reading this... but it "fits" her....I think...I hope!


  1. You are too funny...I am indeed reading this!! And now, I just can't wait. You must be patient with your gift, because I have a good one planned. I will busy myself with it this weekend...but you might receive it over the school break, instead of before understand!!
    I'm so glad to be following along...

  2. You have been a very busy blogger. :)

    Oh and speaking of blogging, you and Courtney have something else in common: you are both hard core bloggers! lol!



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