Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Ornaments

Our first Christmas together was magical. I was finishing my last semester of college and was living 300 miles away from my hubby of 2 months. Finally school was out. I arrived at our apartment late in the evening to find that hubby had purchased and decorated a tree! The Christmas holidays went by in a blur of festive activities and family visits. We celebrated Christmas Eve in Rhode Island with my parents, arose early in the morning to drive to the Hudson Valley in New York to celebrate with hubby's family, and made it back to our apartment late in the evening on Christmas. We were so tired we didn't even open our gifts to each other until the next evening!

This will be our 39th Christmas together. Wow! That's a lot! But, like this box of ornaments that hubby bought that first year for $.79 (that's the price in the upper right corner of the box!) our marriage has appreciated and its value has increased year by year. Yeah, a little bit of the shine has worn off, and there are a few chips and dings, and we miss a few things that we were able to do in our youth, but all in all, like this box, we are in tact and together and we still have a bit of shine!

Hmm, what other things increase their value, or get better with age?


  1. what treasured memories and ornaments! And how special that you have so many Christmas' together under your belt. That doesn't happen very often in this day and age! Iam so enjoying everyone's Christmas posts. Kind of makes up for not being able to decorate and get into all the festivities myself! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We made some ornaments..even that extra 79 cents for a whole box was a budget breaker back then. I have a box just like this..I didn't think it was quite that old..but now I am sure it is! Congrats on 39 years together! :)

  3. I have a similar box, though it's full of home made ornaments of my long gone Grandmother. I so enjoy tucking them in among the branches of our tree.

  4. How special! I enjoy your Christmas memory posts!

  5. As to the question ending your lovely remembrance, some of my friendships have lasted for over sixty years--since high school. They have indeed increased in value--in my heart and in the hearts of my friends. Something else that has increased in value are the ornaments my parents bought and used to decorate our Christmas tree in the 1930s when I was a child. I still treasure them and remember my mother's delight in them each year when I hang them on the tree. She died in 1968, but I know that even today, she delights in those ornaments.


  6. What a sweet post and a lovely Christmas memory. Men really can pull out all the right stops for the women they love, can't they?

  7. Me!!! Heeehehehhe, I like to fool myself into thinkin' so anyway. :o)

    I too have a couple of those 'first' Christmas bulbs. I've only broke one in 39 years.

    Love this very sweet post!

    God bless and have an awesome week sweetie. Pop over for my giveaway if ya get a chance.

  8. What lovely memories.

    This was really a sweet, sweet post.

  9. Those are super special, and I love that they're still in the original box!

  10. That's very beautiful.

    Our first Christmas together, we had no money for a tree. Some college kids went home for the holidays and left a tree in the trash pile. We rescued it and made some really bad ornaments out of paper. Ah, young love!

  11. PS - your countdown clock is scaring me - so much to do, so little time...

  12. Great Story. I just love those old ornaments.

    Cindy Bee


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