Saturday, December 10, 2011

Treasures on the Tree - Bird Nest

Both hubby and I are experiencing more than a bit of the "Bah Humbugs" this year. We decided that just maybe, putting up a tree.... a real, live, "smells like Christmas" tree, would promote a bit more seasonal spirit. This will be the first tree we've put up since we moved to Colorado, over 4 years ago... and the first real tree we've had in a decade.

I'm not totally convinced that it is working! (She says as she sweeps up some dropped needles.) As I unwrap ornaments they bring back visions of Christmases past. Lovely memories, but sometimes seasoned with a little melancholy.

My neighbor, and my mother's best friend for many years,  gave this bird nest to my husband and me on our first Christmas together. According to an old German legend, if you find a bird nest in the Christmas tree, you will have an entire year of health and happiness. (This sounds a whole lot better than finding stink bugs in your tree!)

My little Christmas bird always enjoys a prominent spot on the tree from which to enjoy the family festivities. She's lost her eggs and the strings that were used to suspend the nest have gotten tangled or broken. But she's still hanging in there!

Do you have a bird's nest in your tree? Do you have special ornaments that have been with you for many years?


  1. You know, I'm always in the spirit to give when I have something to give, but I'm rarely in the spirit to decorate because I think of all the work it takes to un-decorate. My daughter gave us a hard time one year for not trying really hard. We put up a tiny fiber optic tree and that's about it. The ornaments are in boxes being guarded by black widows. I was hoping to get my son's help in decorating this year, so that when my daughter comes home she won't be disgusted with our laziness.

  2. I love that bird's nest. I will show you all my Swedish holiday stuff closer to Christmas. We never start to decorate this early there. Please check the promo for Rachael on TV on my blog today. Thanks!

  3. With the kids grown I'm never in a hurry to set up the tree. Next weekend perhaps? Haven't had a real tree since our male Great Dane marked one when the kids were little. Funny now, not so much then LOL
    And, yes we do have a birds nest. Actually two one is made entirely of my former bay TWH mane/tail. Had found it blown out of a tree a few years back.

  4. No bird's nest. But I do have my Momma's french horn and Terry's grandmother's 1910 Snowman and Raindeer.


  5. We get a real tree every year, but this year we have not even started Christmas stiff yet. Not sure why. . .maybe because Christmas stuff has been in the stores since September?

    One ornament we do have is a pickle. Supposedly it is a Polish tradition to hide the pickle in the tree.

  6. We always have a real tree, but this year my Norfolk Island Pine may do the job with my collection of miniature ornaments.

  7. I *do* have a bird's nest...with teensy little eggs in it. I'm of German descent yet I had no idea finding a nest would bring me good luck. I'm SO excited! I find nests all the time - I think I'm set, luck-wise, for at least the next few years. :-) :-)

  8. Yay tree!!! And its a balsam fir, the most huggable of them all ;)!

  9. No nests but lots of birds! I collect old yes I have many that are special:)


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