Friday, December 16, 2011

A Visit From....

I bet you were thinking, "St. Nicholas" right?!

Not this time!

This is about a visit from the equine dentist!

The equine dentist brings his office with him.
Do you see Doc peering out of the stall at the Doc's trailer?

 Doc checks out the equipment.
Are these tools sanitized? I don't want Pippin's cooties!

 Night, night, Doc!

Rinse and spit...

 Open wide, Doc.
Dang, that thing is COLD!

Say, "Ahhhh!"

So, Doc, have you been eating the right things?
Your teeth look pretty good - not too many sharp points.
Have you been brushing?
I habe it when de Doc aks kestions when my mouff 
is full ub stuff.

Let's smooth those canines.

 Uh oh... what is going on here?
Going on where? 
What are you looking at?
I wanna see. Do you have a mirror?

The discoloration on Doc's incisor is caused by bacteria
attacking just under the enamel.
There is a tiny hole where the Doc's pic is located.
It is a defect or possibly the result of trauma.
Within a few months, Doc will have a filling, well, actually an onlay.
If we don't deal with this Doc would ultimately need
a root canal to save the tooth.
I'm not sure I like the sound of this....
Me neither!


  1. Interesting..poor Doc..I did not realize that horses sometimes need fillings..I knew about getting their teeth floated.. You got some great photos! :)

  2. Love the captions! Poor Doc! Hope a root canal isn't needed! Those tools look very serious. I'm glad my dentist only needs a small tray!!

  3. Your dentist looks pretty serious and well set up. Does he use electric tools? None of my horses have every needed to be tranquilized and our dentist does not use the electric stuff. (The Vets do, however, and they charge a fortune). There is a lobby that is trying to block all non vets from doing dental work. Such a shame, since our dentist has so much more training and experience. Hope it never happens.

  4. Open wide looks scary...I'm glad my personal dentist doesn't use one of those on me!

  5. I am not a huge proponent of anesthesia and the electronic tools - I do think the old fashioned floating is a much nicer alternative. However, Pippin has had some serious dental issues and anesthesia allows the doc to get a much better view of what's gong on with his molars. He has fillings back there and the dentist checks to make sure they are still in tact every time he floats Pippin's teeth (they need to be done very 6 - 8 months).

    I do get on my soap box about horses having dental work performed at least every 18 months. If they don't get their teeth floated their molars can get very sharp edges that tear the horse's cheeks up, cause pain and abscesses.

  6. Oh the best time of year for the horses... NOT! LOL :) Actually some like it. I agree about the teeth - they can get pretty nasty if not taken care of properly. Great pictures

  7. Yikes! I can't stand having dental work done. Even watching it done makes me cringe. Poor Doc. Another dentist visit. :(


    ps Great pics!

  8. Are you just "getting even" after your expensive dental work this fall?


  9. Wow!, I didn't know you could do that to horses. Another reason for me to stay away from them and stick to the moterized forms of transportation. ATV's don't fight back! HAHA!

  10. Well that was interesting. I had no idea you had a dentist come out to take care of horses teeth. I'm proud of you for doing what needs to be done for those animals so they are comfortable.

    Cindy Bee


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