Thursday, December 15, 2011

F is for Forgot

I forgot to participate in AlphabeThursday ... for two weeks in a row!!! I hope my friends will forgive me for this faux pas!

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I forget a lot of things - lately. But, wait,  I was always a forgetful kind of person! I blame it on having a busy mind that is going a mile-a-minute and things just sometimes get lost in the shuffle... kinda like that coconut shell game where you have to pick the coconut with the ball under it!

I've forgotten all kinds of things!

For example, I forgot...
  • to pack all of my clothes while visiting a hotel. At least 7 months later, as fall was approaching, I realized I was missing two jackets that were a cornerstone of my wardrobe. I did the Winnie-the-Pooh, hand to forehead, "think, think, think" thing. I realized that I had last seen the clothes while on a business trip - I called the hotel and they still had my jackets - and a pair of pants - and a shirt! My God, how does one walk off and leave that amount of clothing and not realize it for months?!!
  • the names of the notes on the G clef - I took guitar lessons in high school and learned the notes. I had to learn piano in college...and relearned the notes. I took violin lessons with my son and had to learn the notes all over again!! To this day I have to use the mnemonic: Every Good Boy Does Fine. Somehow I guess the wiring in my brain for this sort of thing has been short circuited!
  • that I had an x-ray to determine if I had thyroid problems! Shortly after giving birth to my first child the OB/Gyn suggested I have this X-ray as he noticed I had an enlarged thyroid. I had the test, which required a huge shot of a radioactive isotope. The results were non-conclusive. A year later another doctor suggested the same procedure. I TOTALLY forgot that I had the test done previously! This proves what I always suspected, a woman loses half of her brain with the placenta! 
.... and the worst, almost unforgivable forgetfulness:
  • I forgot to drop my infant at day care! Lord knows where my brain was (and it seems 'He' took care of me), but I drove right by the babysitter's house and ended up in the school parking lot. I got out of the car and opened the back door to get my book bag. There was the smiling face of my 11-month old son in his car seat! Holy cow! How did I forget to take you to day care?! If I hadn't opened the back door to get something.... This still haunts me! (Again, proof positive that brain cells migrate to the placenta and are lost during childbirth!)

So, I guess forgetting to stop by and participate in AlphabeThursday is a forgivable offense!

There are many more friends participating in Alphabe-Thursday. Find them further down this page and stop by for a visit! Have fun!


  1. Don't worry this could happen to me too ! Amazing is that the hotel still had your jackets !

  2. Forgetfulness - he is my friend as well. Agree that having children seems to make him more friendly:)
    I just up some travel tips for family road travel and reading this post - one more tip comes to mind - check before you leave...:)

  3. I forget a lot of things too these days, and I don't like it one bit!

    Kinda scary about your baby. Thank heavens you needed something back there!!


  4. I've already forgotten what I was going to say about forgetfulness... heehee

  5. I forgot my dog was in the car once (almost as bad as forgetting a baby in the back seat). Fortunately I had pulled into the garage and gone into the house and wondered where she was and why she wasn't greeting me. I don't think I'll ever drive the new grandbaby anywhere without a supervisor in the car with me.

  6. My forgetfulness usually manifests itself in the form of absent mindedness. I tend to put things in dumb places. Like put the milk in the pantry. Or ice cream in the fridge. One time I forgot I had the radio on and went thru the car wash. Ripped that sucker right off. I could go on...

  7. And she's forgotten how many Christmases we've been together, too! It's 40 not 39 as she posted previously!!!

  8. I blame my forgetfullness on my children as well. I have never forgotten any of my children in my car but I have forgotten to pick my child up from daycare. I drove right by and when I was turning to get on the highway I realized I didnt get my son.

  9. See, now I too have forgotten! What a memorable post though! Thanks!

  10. I'm the queen of forgetfulness, too! bah!

    I think I'm most surprised that the hotel still held on to your clothes a full 7 months after you left them there. wow!


  11. what you need to do is make lists! That always keeps me on path! {:-Deb

  12. I Forgive you For Forgetting...

    Thanks For such a Fun link to the letter "F"!

    Fond wishes For a Fantastic 2012!



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