Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pssst....Over Here!

Tucker, would you please tell our Mrs. Owner 
that we are STARVING down here?

Maybe if I stare at the house she'll 
get the message and come out.
Mrs. Owner.... come feeeeeed us!

Doesn't she know how cold it is out here?
My hooves feel like blocks of ice.

Yeah, she sits inside that house where 
it's all nice and warm... 
and we're stuck out here.

Come feeeeeeed us!

We're hungreeeee.....neeeeed feeeeed!


  1. Looks like someone asking Tucker to fetch you down to the barn!!!

  2. Brrrr...go inside you silly horses...I need hat and gloves just looking at all the snow.

  3. So sad..under feed starving have lots of snow:)

  4. I can feel the physic waves coming toward the house " FEED US! NOW!" Hurry before they burn holes in your brain! HAHA!

  5. Your horses are much more polite than ours, what with please and all. Around here, it's more like "Hey!" "Feed us now, barn worker!"

  6. They sure do look hungry. How hungry? Hungry enough to eat Is that Pippin about to nibble on Tucker's ear?

  7. Ohhh the suffering. Bet you can feel the intense pleading stare, before you see it.

  8. Pathetic creatures! I hope you hurried before they wasted away to a mere shadow of their former selves.


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