Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Followers and Wacky Weather

I have two new followers. Thank you for reading my blog and coming along on my journey!

Stella is from Italy. I am so thankful that Google has translation tools that are at my fingertips! Stella writes several blogs. One is on alternative medicine. Another is new, and will explore visitors from space. Stella's third blog is about our Mysterious World and the last in about Nature Around Us.  All of Stella's blogs are written in Italian, but you can translate each blog by going to Google. If "Translate" isn't showing at the top of the Google page, click on "More" on the right side of the menu and select "Translate". Copy and paste the URL into the box and Stella's pages will pop up in English!

My other new follower is Callie. Callie writes Chickens on the Porch. I enjoy reading Callie's posts which discuss gardening, crafts and taking care of chickens. I've already learned a lot by reading Callie's blog posts.

What else did I say I was going to write about? 
Oh, yeah....wacky weather! That's next!

So, we had snow on Thursday. We had snow on Saturday. We had snow on Sunday evening. And then... the temperatures dropped! We are below zero. The horses are craving extra food. I am bundling up. Last night I went to look at what the weather station had to say about our weather:

So.... just what does it feel like when it is 164 degrees? 

If it gets really, really cold... does your body perceive it as really, really hot?
Or vice versa?

I suppose I could throw some biscuits outside or maybe a soufflé!

I like the weather station's comment on the bottom:
"Dangerously High Heat Index!"

So, maybe what I'm experiencing isn't a hot flash?

I think there is something wrong with our weather station!


  1. Yep, I think the things short circuited on ya! Heehehee!

    God bless ya and have a great day!!!

    Need a fan??? :o)

  2. Either that, or you're living on Mars. Perhaps you should delve into Stella's Outer Space blog a little more. hehe!
    I bet Doc and Pippin wouldn't mind if you started throwing bisquits outside, though.


  3. I definitely understand wacky weather --- here in Texas, it's never consistent and the changes bring wild fluctuations that are sometimes hard to keep up with.

    Hang in there!

  4. It froze to death. We were -6 last night.

  5. Tell me more about your weather station, e.g. brand, where purchased, ease of setting up, requirements, etc. I think I "see" Christmas gift(s) here. Of course, the humidity here may "confuse" the weather station as much as your sharply fluctuating temps in CO.



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