Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shutting the Barn Door After....

Hubby to Dreaming: Honey, did you shut the gate to the pasture?

Dreaming to Hubby: Hmmmm, I'm not sure. Why do you ask?

Doc to Pippin: I think we better get outta here.

Pippin to Doc: I got your back.

Doc to Pippin: Somehow I get the feeling that we're not welcome in here.

Pippin to Doc: Why do they always get all the good stuff?!


  1. Hahaha! Silly Doc and Pippin, always up to something! Maybe they wanted to wish you a happy new year in person (horse)?

  2. Big animals who are out of their pasture is one of those things that sets me into a panic. Fortunately, your guys didn't go far. We have spent many an hour searching for cows or horses. Not fun. Happy New Year!

  3. Hee hee. I wish we could keep our horses within white picket fences, and those fences would actually stay white and in one piece.

  4. Maybe if we close our eyes, she can't see us ...

  5. Hurry! Run! They are on to the other way so it's harder for us to have to go BACK into the barn....RUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


  6. That first photo would make a gorgeous postcard...Or Christmas card for next funny.

    I hope you are blessed beyond your dreams in 2012


  7. I thought the same thing that Kelsie did, that first pic is awesome! Funny boys!!

  8. What wonderful pix. Love the look of "quick we need to get outta here". Are you sure they didn't open the gate themselves? Just remembering the time Hubs casually mentioned "there's a horse in the yard" only to find Camryn had opened the gate!
    Happy New Year

  9. Patrice - that is a worry for me, as well. We live on a fairly busy road, so having loose horses or a dog can be scary. Luckily, our back yard is 'double fenced' - if the horses get out of any of the pasture gates, there's another fence they'd need to deal with.

    Susan - nope, we have chains on all of the gates. The only way they can escape is pushing the fence down or.... when I stupidly leave a gate open! I went riding in the morning, and forgot to close the gate when I was through. I had tried closing it from Pippin's back, but the snow made it too hard to push and Pippin objected. The funny thing was that Pippin went straight to the gate this morning and even gave it a little push to see if he could get out, again!

  10. Hee hee....cute post! I'll take my front yard like that any! ;)


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