Friday, December 2, 2011

On a Clear Day

Not only can you see through our lovely windows on a clear day... but you can feel the cold blow through them as well.

We really need to replace them, but that project will have to wait for a bit. For now we'll see how a layer of plastic works. I spent the afternoon putting shrink plastic on the windows in the kitchen and powder room. Four windows completed....twelve more to go. I think old fashioned storm windows would be easier!!

I hope you are warm and happy and that the winds of winter stay outside your house!


  1. Oh my! That's a lot of air getting through. Are they single pane windows? With the winds we had yesterday, that candle would have been blown right out!
    We have to get all new weather stripping for our front and back doors. Last night we stuck duct tape all around the edges because the wind was blowing so hard and we could feel it just standing in the living room!

    I hope the plastic works for a while so you can upgrade to storm windows eventually.
    Stay warm,

  2. Looks like a project to me..stay warm:)

  3. I vote for storm windows although cleaning/washing will be twice as much work. IMHO, the plastic is just a "temporary fix". Of course, I have double pane windows on the river(west) side in the living room just in case the wind gets too brisk!


  4. Friend Jan has snow drifts in her barn!

  5. Storm windows sound like a great idea. I have read that there are inside storm windows... I like that idea better than having to hang them outside and they are supposed to fit tighter inside. I'll have to read up on it. Hope you keep warm this winter. Love that you are living your dream!


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