Saturday, May 14, 2011

Which One?

I had a long post written on the subject of why I haven't written anything in a few days. I decided no one wants to read that drivel. You, lucky reader, have been spared!

So... here's a 'not-so-long' post about the thrilling subject of cabinet knobs! Aren't you glad that you stopped by my blog?!

We have been looking for just the right knob or pull for our kitchen cabinets. We like that little square detail on the cabinet corners, and would like to echo that in our knob selection.

 We have visited a number of kitchen and hardware shops. Yesterday we went by one that must have had thousands of options! The prices on these things are outrageous. Some are over $20....each. Multiply that by 35... ouch!

I think we have narrowed the choice to two:

The first has a dark pewter finish. It also has a square knob with the same detail. We could put the pull on the drawers and the knob on the cabinets... or just use the pull.

 The second design comes only as a pull. It has a dark bronze finish.

Your thoughts?


  1. They are so different from each other! I think it depends on what feel you are going for. The first one looks more modern to me, but I like the second one better. But I know nothing about decor - I'm in awe of what you guys have done!

  2. I like the second as well. It's simple, elegant and doesn't take away from the little squares on the cabinet doors.

  3. I also think the bottom one is nice.

  4. Bacot is always reminding me that I have no taste. Soooo, go with the one that you want to look at this year, next year, the following year, etc.


  5. What influenced me the most in picking out our kitchen cabinet hardware was which hardware had the least sharp edges that I would likely injure myself on. Also, it's easier to grasp an oval knob than a round knob. I know such things normally wouldn't concern most people, but I'm an accident-prone spaz.

  6. I personally prefer the first one...but it depends on the style of the rest of your kitchen. The first one is subtle but still pretty without being over fussy or demanding too much attention. It has a sleek but sophisticated look. The second one is very nice too though, but it does have a more fanciness to it. Although the lightweight look of it may not overpower the cabintes, but it may take away from the little square detail you were looking to show off. Your eye will be drawn to the handle vs. the the square detail. Think about the rest of the kitchen and it's details as well. Fancy or subtle beauty ...sleek and refined or whimsy and gracefull...good luck and don't worry, they are BOTH nice


What thoughts do you have?

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