Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hay Toss

Mrs. Owner:  Are you ready, Doc?

Doc: Yup!  I've turned my head and my eyes are shut. Toss the hay down.

Every morning, after sweeping the boys' "breakfast plates"  I head up to the hay loft. I weigh the hay for Pippin and Doc and throw it down to them. Pippin with his ADHD is no problem. While he waits he is walking in and out of his stall, so I can time my toss when he is out of the area. Doc, however, comes in and stands.... and waits... oh, so patiently. He has learned to turn his head away from the target area - cracks me up every time!


  1. Now, that's funny. And I covet your barn.

  2. Oh, Leah, I love my barn, too. Sadly, the boys will be moving to substandard housing in a few weeks :-(

  3. That is so funny! He doesn't want to get hay in his face. I hate that too.

  4. I'm giggling at the what occured to teach him to turn his head!

  5. Smart guy for sure. Of course being a Haflinger, one shouldn't be surprised!!!

  6. What a smart fellow he is....wonder where he learned about the dangers of falling hay? hehe!


  7. Thats so funny!

    A barn I managed in the past had drop throughs for each stall - I always had to make sure I wasnt in a hurry so that I wouldnt drop through too! ;D


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