Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Expanding Vocabulary

Word verification sometimes suggests new, unique terms. I like thinking about possible definitions. Here are a few.

resuplet: v.. to enjoy a small meal of left overs - preferably while standing in front of the open refrigerator door. or n. the left-overs you eat.

Last night I was too tired to cook so we enjoyed resupletting things from the last few meals.

Now, that's a yummy resuplet - a scrap of pizza heated in the microwave!

allaman: adj. an intact animal of the male persuasion. One who has not been neutered.

I have an allaman Chocolate Lab. 
Because of our community covenants we are not allowed to have allaman horses on our property.

sadmin: n. the administrative arm of a failing business.

Blockbuster's sadmin was indirectly responsible for their failure as they didn't have a good vision of the future.

Maybe you'd like to try your hand by coming up with a definition for one of the following:

eloot                        subcow                            inarund


  1. Thanks for giving me the first laugh I have had for several days! I particularly like the subcow --would that be some lesser species of cow? Or a cow that had been spayed or whatever that's called in a cow. Or maybe a female calf, not yet a cow.

    Isn't it time to get rid of Word Verification? I live in the mountains, I have satellite, it takes soooo much time to have to go through it that I hesitate to visit some of my favorite blogs because of it. I got rid of mine and I have had no problems whatsoever. Please, let's just DO IT!--Inger

  2. I love the strangness of word vers

  3. eloot: goodies you can get for free on the internet

    subcow: a cow low in the herd status

    inarund: texting slang for "in and around"

    I really don't like when bloggers have word verif. in addition to them approving messages, too.
    Do one or the other: word verif for instant approval of comments, or no word verif. for blog owner approval of comments.

    Still the word verifs can be quite entertaining.

  4. I've got one now. I just got this word verification when posting on another blog:

    Vommute: To vommit silently because it is May 12th and still snowing.


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