Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Mondays I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center. But, yesterday was my day for hippotherapy! I ran into a friend on my way home from the center, who just happens to live near me, who just happens to have an indoor arena, who just happens to be the most generous, kind person in the world. She is very open to having friends use her arena and she reminded me of that fact yesterday. When I got home I looked at the daunting task of catching, cleaning and tacking two lazy ponies and decided, "Yeah, I'm up for that!" The wind was blowing at about 25 mph. Grooming was great when you were on the windward side, but on the leeward side I kept getting a face full of fluff. I am making progress though, Doc has about a 6 inch square spot on his shoulder where he has completely shed out! Only 5282 more square inches to go! I rode Doc and ponied Pippin over to friend's arena. The trip over went well, despite the wind and despite the fact that it has been a week since I've ridden and months since I've really made the boys work. 
The ride was just what I needed. We worked on foundation maneuvers and driving into the bit. Pippin carries his head too high. Doc pulls his head down too low as an evasive tactic. I've been working with my instructor to push both guys into the bit, asking them to give at the poll a bit, and then releasing. Pippin gets it! Doc.... not so much! Regardless, it was great to get out and play with the ponies and visit with my friend. I hope the ponies found it as therapeutic as I did!

Because I like blog posts with pictures, and because I didn't take my camera with me yesterday, here is a picture of Pippin from last fall....before we started lessons. It would be interesting to get another picture. What I'd like to see would be me sitting with my shoulders a little bit further back and Pippin's head down and nose tucked in a bit, but still going on a loose rein.

Thank you, wonderful friend, for the gentle prod that allowed me to enjoy a great hippotheraphy session. 
Happy Tuesday to all y'all!
(That's the plural of y'all - in case you haven't been brought up Southern!)


  1. I used to volunteer for ther.riding. It was very rewarding.

  2. Bring your camera next time, I would love to see the two of them and what their differences are. They are both such great horses.--Inger

  3. It was just what I needed too! Good time, great company and our WONDERFUL equine pals made it all the more enjoyable. Pippin looked really good! I'll have to get your pic next time.

    Anonymous (generous?) friend - teehee

  4. Sounds like the best kind of fun!

  5. i tried to volunteer at the hippotherapy center here and was told i would need over a year of schooling to be qualified. to volunteer. unpaid. *spit*


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