Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 8: Wednesday What's It

What's It?

Good morning! It is May 11 here on the high prairie in Colorado. This is what we awoke to. Surely it is not May. So, What's It? There must be some other word to describe this. Maybe one of those Word Verification terms from yesterday!

So, what would you call it?

Darn.... knew we shouldn't have taken down the 
snow fence this weekend!


  1. I call it... white death! Winter has to be coming to an end for you guys soon... right?

  2. Ay yi yi, our rain was getting me down. Snow would surely push me over the edge. Be brave! Do some baking.

  3. Snow! Surely not. Hope it melts quickly into spring for you.

  4. Hi there, neighbor! We have the same white stuff here. Wonder what it is...

  5. I'd call it down right depressing!!!

  6. We call it "chunks of rain" lol

    ugh! Hope it melted for you!

  7. Let's just call it white rain (and not the hair spray). We could all use some rain in our region.


  8. Isn't this the pits? I hope my Seniors trip isn't totally ruined! Snow in Denver on May 11th?!


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