Sunday, May 29, 2011

What a Rig!

As we traveled back and forth, to and from our project house this week we came across an unusual sight. This fellow was traveling on a fairly busy road with his 4 in-hand mule teams pulling a wagon with a trailing wagon. He set up camp in fields along the road, using a portable electric fence enclosure to give his mules some freedom. I wish we could have stopped and talked to him - not so much about Jesus, but about his rig, about his mules, about how far he travels each day, about his cute dog that looks out the window while he goes down the road, about groceries and preparing meals, about where he's going and where he's been.  But, alas, we sped past while I tried to get pictures. I'll just have to imagine his answers!


  1. Very cool! I saw them on another blog last summer and it was in a different state! They seem to really get around. :)

    You should have stopped and introduced yourself. I would have. Oh! The stories I'm sure he could share.

  2. that's an unsual and fun way to spread the news.

  3. I saw that guy on my way home from town one day. He was really holding up traffic and drivers were trying to get past him up hills. It was kind of scary.


  4. Cool! I bet he has some stories to tell!

  5. Cyndi,

    You are such a devoted blogger. I can count on you to post new information each day, which, alas, is NOT true of the other blogs I follow. Thanks!


  6. You have to admire his faith! I am not sure I would be strong enough to forever sped the Word that way.

  7. I bet he would be very interesting to talk to. Maybe you'll see him around again and will get a chance. I talked to a fellow a couple of years ago who was traveling cross country like that. He took great care of his horses. But it scares me because a lot of the motorists these folk are sharing the road with may not be so reliable. It is amazing to see though.


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