Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Project: Week 19

We are getting so close to being ready to move in. Yippee!! I have been continuing to take boxes of stuff up just about every day. I was feeling great about having cleared out all of the boxes from the upstairs landing... then remembered that I had stacked more in the guest room. Oh well (maybe you could change that 'w' to an 'h')!

This week we:
  • picked out counters for our bath vanities. The granite fabricator we used for the kitchen sells 'remnants' for very reasonable prices. The templates are created by a nifty camera-type laser device and a computer. The templates have been made, so we should be hearing from the fabricator some time next week.
  • picked out tile for the hall floor and began putting down the hardi-backer board.
  • had an estimate for repairing and/or replacing the exterior siding, painting the house and the trim. Ouch! (Oh, and now we have to pick colors - that ought to be interesting!)
  • had our pasture seed drilled. We have nice grass, very few weeds and nice patches of dirt between the clumps of grass. We decided to try seed drilling (I'll post more about it on Friday), even though it will take about three years for the new grass to really get established. Now, we'd like a little moisture each week until this stuff germinates and gets going, thank you! Oh, the seed drill keeps track of acreage. We have 7.3 acres of pasture - more than double what we currently have. The boys will be in hog-heaven, especially when that grass becomes established.
  • brought up flats of seedlings to begin hardening them off before planting them in our gardens.
  • talked to a Realtor about marketing our current home.
  • finished tiling the master bath floor, minus 5 small trim pieces (which are cut, but need to be mortared). I learned something this week... I learned that I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again install 16" or larger tile. What a bear! Last night I was exhausted... and moaned and groaned about aching muscles. Mr. Hubby was only slightly sympathetic - not understanding how working on the floor made me that tired. Then, today he had to step over tiles that had just recently been mortared, but had not set. He complained bitterly about the effort to do so - ah hah! Now do you see why I was so tired?!!! I will have to admit that despite being physically exhausted, working on tiling the floor is incredibly great exercise: up... down, twist...up, down, twist...
  • entertained guests... well, maybe the word 'entertain' is a bit cavalier - considering that we only had a few cans of Coke, a half box of Cheez-its and a stale doughnut. Not to mention that we only have two chairs in the house! On Friday we had just started to get to work when the doorbell rang. It was one of my friends from the driving club. A short time later, the bell rang again. Another friend from the club saw the first gal's car and decided to stop in. They left around noon. Our son showed up with his girl friend and pizza about an hour later. So, we didn't get much accomplished - but it was fun to visit. 
Our pasture is seed drilled.

 Have a wonderful Memorial Day and take some time to remember those who have served our country and have protected our rights and freedom. Thank those who have fought or are fighting, those who may have given their lives or a limb for freedom. God Bless America!


  1. I am really looking forward to a major photo shoot when you move in!

  2. How exciting! When you see it all coming together, it revitalizes you and gives you the energy to go on. I'm with Lori - I am looking forward to lots of pictures!


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