Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Help! I'm being held hostage by Blogger. Blogger tackled me and stuffed a gag in my mouth. It tied my hands behind my back. Blogger won't let me talk. Blogger won't let me comment on anyone's blog. Blogger has been messing with my brain by continually telling me my login password is wrong - even though I know it is right. Shhhh... don't tell Blogger that I escaped!

Have you had trouble with Blogger? No, wait, if you have also been nabbed by Blogger, you won't be able to answer!!

I hope they fix this soon and release me!!

Unfettered, at last!
 I have a voice on Blogger again!!

Linda at 7MSN suggested that I clear the cache and my cookies.  It worked. So, if you are experiencing difficulties with Blogger you might try doing that. If you have forgotten how (as I had) use the 'Help' feature for whatever browser you use!


  1. Blogger held me hostage all morning. I learned I had to clear the cache and cookies from my browser, then all was right with the world. Good luck!

  2. Last week was major issue week for me with Blogger (many, many bad words were said ;o) I'm assuming since you posted that you resolved the problem, or did Pippin and Doc get hold of your computer? *laugh*

  3. I had trouble most of the day on Wednesday when I tried to comment on blogs. Same kept asking me to log in and even if I was logged in, if I could comment it was an annonymous comment. Ah technology. It's wonderful when it works.

    P.S. It is doing it again today. This is from OnceUponAnEquine.

  4. Thanks, Linda. It is still asking for my pw, but I'm not anonymous now! (at least I think I have an identity again!)
    I did get on Blogger's forum last night and this is a major problem they are currently trying to repair. The techie said they've been pushing out fixes, but .....
    My resolution to the problem was to use the iPad. That doesn't seem to be affected. However, I can't add pictures or do a whole bunch in editing with that. It has its own issues.

  5. glad you got freed! Seems like BLogger is really acting up for a lot of people lately. Hope I continue to be overlooked by their problem department! not the one that fixes them but the one that doles them out.


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