Friday, May 20, 2011

Watching Grass Grow

In the past week we've had about 5 inches of snow (yes... you read that correctly - snow in May!) and a half inch of rain. This is way more than we've had in ages! I swear I can see the pasture grass growing taller and greener each day.

This is yesterday's snowstorm!
Those gray flecks are huge snowflakes coming down.

This is the same view today.

The horses are anxious to get out and grab some of that green. 
Maybe later, boys!

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  1. What a difference a day makes! Your boys sure do look ready to get out and romp-n-chomp.

  2. Look at how excited your handsome boys looked! :)

    We've had snow on Memorial Day weekend, so I can relate. This year we're so darn dry, we've hardly had any snow at all, and no good rain for more than 8 months now. You're lucky that all your snow is bringing you some green pastures. Our grass is brown and we're praying for a wet monsoon season this July and August. But it could rain every day, all day for 2 months and we'd still be way below what our region needs water wise.


  3. Wow. Snow in May, huh? We've been lucky, no snow, but lots of rain.


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