Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Many Do You Need?

We cleaned out the garage at our new barn today. These were just one of several interesting discoveries.

It seems to me that a person can only use one of these at any given moment. Why three?

Could it be:
  • Darn, I can't find that spreader. I guess I'll have to go buy another.... again!
  • Oh goody, we can all have fun spreading fertilizer today. I'll be the one in the middle, OK?
  • I hear that Scott's has stopped production of this this model and it will be in huge demand next spring. I'll be able to sell them for a huge profit!
  • OK, your job is to fill the spreader while I take it out for a run. Then, when I come back you will have a freshly filled spreader waiting for me.
What's your best guess?

Anyone want to buy a spreader? I just happen to have a few extras!


  1. Haha i am ashamed to say i have NONE!!! But i do have a whole bunch of cows, and yes they do have pretty good fertilizer... ;-) which i can use!

    Thanks for the laughter!

  2. OK, so when I find a dress or shoes that I like, I buy two but in different colours just in case I can't find them again in the future. I think you were just planning ahead in case that particular model was discontinued. ;-)

  3. You've decided to start a new collection and spreaders seemed to be it!

    Cindy Bee

  4. I'm picking number one....we have fifty-seven chain saw files for the same reason.

  5. Tee hee. I'm the same way with spices. "Now, where is that Oregano? Guess I better buy some more." Then when I reorganize my spice shelves I find 3 full tins of Oregano.

  6. Maybe they used them for racing - or maybe they're HOT! Perhaps the previous owner was CLEPTO or something and only made it APPEAR as if he had forgotten he had already swiped one, then two, before. Perhaps he had even MORE than 3 and those three wouldn't fit in the truck with 15 others. I don't know and am not accusin' or anything, but WHAT IF?

    Thanks for the laugh. Am at the airport and appreciated the chuckle.


  7. Maybe you need one for chemical, one for organic and one for seed?

    Or you could take one over to the chicken house and use it for spreading their feed lol.

    Blessings Kelsie

  8. If it's anything like my house you have several because you can't find the first one, second one, and so on.

  9. lol! My guess is the first one. Do you know that I have never even used a spreader? I've just never had a need for one. We don't use chemicals. Grass doesn't grow here without tons of consistent water and manure turns into dust almost as soon as it falls to the ground.

    I'm very curious to know what a person does with three spreaders.


  10. I was need to hitch a spreader to each of the boys. That means, of course, you'd need to get a 3rd Haffie. :-)


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