Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Stills - Winter Wonderland

Sunday Stills is an opportunity for Bloggers to hone their photography skills. Each week Ed issues a challenge for fellow bloggers. On occasion I have participated in Ed's Sunday Stills, but my point and shoot camera just doesn't do what I want it to do, I got frustrated with the end result and I gave up on the challenges. However, since we have had an incredibly hot spring and early summer, I just couldn't resist participating in Ed's challenge for this week. We were to search our archives and find some pictures of winters past to help cool us off. So here are some pictures of Winter Wonderland - I wonder why they look so inviting now? Here are a few of my favorites:

Waves frozen in time...

Icicles blown sideways...

Horses frolicking*...

Galloping out to pasture...

Warming in the morning light...

* I felt so luck to catch Pippin and Doc at the perfect moment. Sadly, there was an electric fence running just in front of them. Carson, at 7MSN, held a contest in 2010 (I think) a long time ago, and the prize was fixing a photo. This was the end result. It has always been one of my favorite photos.


  1. I feel better just looking at all that snow! Who would have thought??
    Love the Pippin and Doc photos! So awesome!!!

  2. Wonderful photos all! And if these were taken with a point and shoot camera, I think they look great! That's the only type of camera I use(a Canon Power Shot SX110 IS), as I just can't be bothered with owning a heavy, bulky more expensive camera for the types of photography I do.


  3. Winter doesn't look much different than summer here; however, summer sure is hotter and more humid! Regardless, keep the snow in CO as I sure don't want any here!


  4. Lovely photos and you've done a great edit to remove the fence. It's really made that one great.

  5. Popped in on a break to catch up on my blog reading. Those are some wonderful shots! Taking into account the recent temps over the past week or so, I could probably blow a good 30 minutes staring at - and fantasizing over - those first two photos.

    Of course we both know I have WAAAY too much on my plate right now to do something like that (if only I could remember what it is I was doing before I stopped... ;o)

  6. Sometimes I feel the same way..but even with a point and shoot you can learn..and practice. Some people have big fancy cameras and cannot take good photos. I keep posting in Sunday Stills when I can. I loved your group of photos..cooled me off:)

  7. Beautiful winter pictures. Cool and refreshing to view after the heatwave we've had here.


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