Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - 22: Let's Party!!!

Wendell is having a Cyber Celebratory Party at Everyday Rurality. Well, Patrice is involved in the planning, but it seems that Wendell has taken over! They are celebrating a year of Chats on the Farmhouse Porch. Wendell asked us what kind of music, or what dances they should have at the party. He wants to shake his bootie! I'm all for line dances - since my hubby doesn't dance! I can do those by myself. We can begin with the Electric Slide.

I  thought it would be fun to piggyback on their party theme with my blog hop. Join in the hop by linking up below, or at least by leaving a comment. 

If you want to 'go' to Patrice's party, you can click on the Chats on the Farmhouse Porch image below. Oh, don't forget, Wendell would like some carrots! 

Hobby Horse Blog Hop Prompts - Week 22:

1. In what ways do you celebrate birthdays, or other special days, for the fuzzy friends at your home?
2. What memories might you have of a birthday celebration, or other party, involving horses or ponies?
3. What special day is your favorite to celebrate?

My answers:
1. I am such a bad pet mom... I don't do anything special for any of my pets on their Birthdays. I don't even know when they were born! We have Tucker's puppy papers someplace, so I could find his special day... but Gypsy and Mama Boots were rescues and we just have a vague idea of what year they were born. The horses also weren't registered, so no actual dates for them, either. When I was in High School I did give pets and ponies stockings at Christmas... so I'm not a complete ogre!

2. This is a sad story. I have no memories of a Birthday party with pony rides... but apparently, I should :((  Not too many years ago I was talking with my mom about kids' Birthday parties. She started talking about the party she had for me, you know, she said, the one with the pony rides. The one with pony rides? Mom, I don't remember a party with ponies.  She described the party and the efforts she had made to have the pony rides and I didn't remember a bit about it. I think this really hurt my mom's feelings. As an educator, I recognize that children may have little recall of events before they turn 7, especially if no one talks to them and reminds them of things that happened when they were very young. But even knowing this, it was such a shock to find out that I had participated in something that should have been so unique and memorable and I have no recall of it.


I found this picture among my dad's slides. This is my brother and sister with a pony. If this pony was 'the' pony from the pony ride party, then it is little wonder I didn't remember it. Based on the apparent ages of my siblings, I would have been two, at most! Hmmm, maybe the pony ride party was actually for my sister and it wasn't my memory that was faulty!

3. Over the past 20 years.... plus, I'd have to say my favorite special day to celebrate is Mother's Day! Becoming a mom wasn't an easy feat for me, so the fact that I had two boys is special indeed. But what I loved most is that our small town had a May Festival on the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend. We would all go to the festival and hubby would slip the boys some money to buy me a gift for Mother's Day. As they grew older, they would use their carefully saved allowance to buy me a gift. They would go off and examine each and every booth, looking for the perfect gift for me. I couldn't wait until the next day to see what they had settled on. Each boy always put great thought and consideration into his purchase, and that is what makes the day my favorite. It isn't about getting a present, it was that the presents were gifts from their hearts. I treasured each one and the memories are so very dear to me now.

Now it is  your turn! Answer the questions in a comment or on your blog, which you can link to mine below. It's always fun if you ask a question of us - that way we can have a conversation!

Everyday Ruralty


  1. Tucker and Kimmy would have a wonderful time together at Patrice's! Too bad it's just a cyber party.

  2. Yay! A party!! I've joined the hop and caught up from last week, too.

  3. Can you believe how Wendell has taken over? Frankly, after many a party in my day, I'm more than happy to have him participate as actively as he has chosen to do. Besides, he has quite an online presence. He gets emails! Thanks for joining in.

    Now for your blog hop:
    1. I wish I could tell you that we did something special for the fuzzies' birthdays. I consider remembering, at all, quite an accomplishment. :)The girls are pretty good about remembering their horses. It's really easy for my D3. Her horse Molly has the same exact birthday as my daughter.

    2.My mare, Dinah used to pull her Amish cart for birthday parties we'd have when the older girls were little. The guests LOVED IT! Me too.

    3.I love to celebrate Christmas. I guess I'm just a kid at heart.

    Have a Wendell Day!

  4. I've NEVER done line dancing, but it looks like a lot of fun. Anything that has to do with dance, I think I'd consider giving it a try. I'm a classic rocker, but the new country is really cool! It reminds me a lot of the 80s pop rcok - not at all country sounding. ^.^


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