Sunday, July 29, 2012

Excuuuse Me!

Hey, Lady, would ya mind?
I'm trying to get some sleep here.

Could ya please turn off the cute little
camera click sound on your phone?
A girl needs her beauty sleep, ya know?!

Gypsy and Tucker are on day 2 of our camping adventure. 
We are in the midst of Idaho at the moment.
Both dogs are sharing the back seat without any grumbles.

Our only adventure today was the dust devil.
It attacked us!

We saw several out on the prairie.

 Then one appeared on the Interstate in front of us.

It was reminiscent of "The Wizard of Oz"
That's tumble weed blowing horizontally.
The wind blew the tonneau cover on the truck up.
The tumbleweed pulled the brake cable out.

When we stopped to put everything together
the dust devil was churning right behind the camper.
The camper was being buffeted and I had
to struggle to keep upright.


  1. those dust devils always give the impression of being just a gentle thing, until you cross ones path. They do tend to rock the vehicle a bit don't they? Glad your trips going good. We're on the road till the end of the week, then a short break at home. I wish we were going to be in ID and run into you, but looks like we're sticking to Washington and North Dakota routes. Safe travels!

  2. Have Tucker & Gypsy begun that "She's touching me!", "Mom, make her stop looking at me!" and other whining that usually occurs when sibs ride together in the back seat for a couple of days? Have fun!!



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