Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Centus: Let's Play

Jenny Matlock has asked us to use "He said. She said." in our post today, using no more than 100 words and the 4 from the prompt.  
I generally challenge myself to hit the word count on the head, but today I felt being succinct would have more impact.

Tucker and Mama Boots are the stars of today's Saturday Centus. 
I hope you get as much enjoyment out of their daily conversation
as we do!

She said, "Let's play!"

He said, "OK."

She said, "Stay away."

He said, "Foul play!"

 She said, "Back away."

 He said, "Whatever you say."

Can you tell who is large, and in charge, in our household?!

Click on the image below to read other responses to Jenny's Saturday Centus Challenge.

Jenny Matlock


  1. I am just amazed that they are under the same roof.

  2. Until 2006, we always had cats living with our dogs and there was never any doubt as to who was in charge. Great job here, I love this post. And the pictures really tell the story.

  3. LOL that's fun :) Pictures cracked me up!

  4. That's perfect he said she said with those photosof the cat and dog.. These photos remind me of the time we had a cat and dog - the dog (Cherit) would play with (the cat) Calley nearly every day - like ruff house play. Well one day Cherit was a bit down to hard and punchered Calley's lungs and she died two days later - sad - to sad... but using the photos like you have here I've gotta try that one day with some photos.. clever you! wink..

  5. Oh yeah, this is something I see quite a lot around my house! Really cute centus!

  6. There is no doubt they love each other though just like kids they annoy each other out of boredom but the true alpha calls the shots when it ends and I take it that would be mama boots??

  7. How lucky that they like enough of each other to play...

  8. Mulligan and Liz are like that as well! In the end, they snuggle together, though!!

  9. They are so cute, and I love your captions for their pictures. Enjoyed this. laurie

  10. How adorable!

    I love your conversational captions!

    What fun pictures to share!

    I think I can tell who's the boss at your house!


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