Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chats of the Farmhouse Porch: A Party

Tucker is so excited to be invited to a party! Patrice, at Everyday Rurality, is celebrating one year of chatting on her farmhouse porch. She's planning a huge party and we are all invited... at least we have cyber-invites! Tucker is all excited - he's running around the back yard telling everyone.. over and over again, that he is invited to a party!  He would absolutely adore playing with the other Tucker. But, Wendell, I'm not so certain we could turn it into a party game. There probably wouldn't be too much confusion - the two Tuckers are very different in looks, and my Tucker doesn't seem to know his name when you call him, so only the other Tucker would come running!

A party? With party food?
I LOVE party food!!!

Patrice has asked what food we'd bring to the party. I'd put together my mom's mocha cake and bring it along. We'd have to keep it cool until just before serving because part of the 3-part icing is whipped cream, with a hint of coffee in it. This was the cake 'of choice' for all celebrations at my house. Bless my mom for taking the time to put it all together: 4 layers of coffee-laced sponge cake, a rich coffee filling that is tricky to make, the whipped cream icing and then a drizzle of sugar icing, with more coffee, going down the side. Mmmm....yum! And Wendell, I have some carrots in my garden that I'll pick, just for you. I'll pick them just before we leave so that they are fresh as can be!

Would you like to come to the party too? It's going to be in Patrice's pasture. She will have long tables and hay bale seats. Everyone is invited. What would you bring?! Leave a comment or link your blog to Everyday Rurality. You can read what others will bring by clicking on the image below. Hooray a party! Hooray, lots of yummy food - and not one, single calorie!

Oh... I almost forgot to mention that Patrice is having party favors! Check out her blog to find out more!

Everyday Ruralty


  1. Now that's my kind of cake and we will have to have plenty of coffee to go with it, right?

  2. Mocha cake...that is a change of pace, isn't it? It sounds good.

  3. Mocha cake- yum! Wendell will appreciate the carrots. Have a Wendell day!

  4. I've never tasted a Mocha Cake, it sounds wonderful !!

  5. Mocha Cake...yum!!! We're all gonna be so full!!


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