Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Centus: Fleeced

This week's challenge for Jenny Matlock is to incorporate the words, 
"Wait! There's more!"
The light bulb failed to burn very brightly on this one. Nothing came to mind, so I went with something weighing heavy on my mind.  Perhaps you can find more interesting responses to the prompt on Jenny's site. Click on the image below to see what others have to say. 

He filed for divorce
Poor little thing
She fleeced him for his money
A lump-sum buy out and alimony
Despite a pre-nup saying
This couldn’t happen
After it was said and done
She didn’t like the trust his lawyer had begun
Letters from lawyers flew in the mail
The document was rewritten
And questioned once more
He talked with his lawyer, quietly swore
She didn’t vacate his condo
Then took his things
Taking advantage of the old geezer
The attorney claimed he bullied her
And filed a motion
For attorney fees
Wait! There’s more!
She won

Jenny Matlock


  1. Some people have all the luck don't they! :)

  2. ugh! nicely wrapped up that whole scenario...sorry it's on your mind so heavily but in the end, it will be done and your life will somehow find a path forward...somehow, I don't think her winning will bring her the satisfaction she's envisioning...perhaps it will allow you to breathe more lightly...

  3. My brother's divorce was similar. But he rose above it and walked the high road. In the end, I was proud of him. Sometimes, in the middle of it, I just wanted him to give her a bit of his own medicine.

    He was right, though. And now, years later, his kids are the beneficiaries of the way he kept trying to treat their mother with respect. And as teenagers, they all chose to come and live with him. I guess it's true that virtue has its own rewards.


  4. Did you draw on (almost) first-hand experience to craft this poem?


  5. I agree with Sue on this. Virtue has its own reward!!

  6. I hope this helped you get it off your mind. It was excellent.

  7. I just noticed that you are reading The Lace Reader. I just wanted to say that I read it and the next one called - the map of true places - I really liked both books. I'm contemplating getting a Kindle, but know I will miss "real" books. Are you enjoying yours? I guess you get used to it?

  8. Ugh. We all know someone like this, don't we?

  9. Quite a tale -- well told

  10. My mom died in January and my Dad is in Hospice care and after thirty years, all my dad does now is say how he loved my mother and how he wished things had been different between them. Not sure why I am sharing this, but maybe this might help in some way, if not Sorry.

  11. I'd name names here but you never know who might be reading this blog!

    Such an ugly, but so often true, story.


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