Sunday, April 21, 2013

State Parks

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S is for State Parks

In our travels we have had the opportunity to stay at a few State Parks. On our next trip, we'd like to visit more! 

We missed out on some great camping because the State Parks are often not as convenient to the major highways, and when we are simply moving from point A to point B, driving 20 or more miles away from the Interstate, often on smaller, winding roads, isn't Mr. Dreamy's idea of fun!

In my experience the State Parks are quieter and provide more space for campers, so you aren't right on top of one another. They generally offer sites with power and electric. Some parks can not accommodate the big rigs that are over 35 feet in length - we are 36 feet long, and so far, have not had a problem.

Most states use Reserve America to manage their camp ground reservations. This Web site allows you to select the dates you would like to camp and to check availability. You can see maps of the camp grounds which also show what length camper can fit in each site. 

The State Parks have limits on how many consecutive nights you may stay, and how long you must be away before you can come back. When we stayed in Florida we could camp for 14 nights. We had to vacate the park for 7 nights before we could return. In any given month we could only stay for 21 nights, total. 

All of the State Parks we have visited have been wonderful. But, we do have a favorite! Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA has spacious sites that are defined by huge landscaping timbers. The parking and camping areas are crushed limestone and are virtually flat, even though the campground is on a hillside overlooking a lake. Each site has a picnic table, fire ring and grill. Each site also has a nifty pole for hanging food or garbage to keep it out of varmints' reach. The poles also make a great place to tie the dogs!


  1. Camping with all the amenities is my cup of tea.

  2. Hi Dreaming! Your post reminded me that it has been far too long since I went to Castlewood Canyon! I hope you are having a good day!


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