Wednesday, April 17, 2013


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O is for Orchard

I was raised in the northeast. I lived in the apple country of New York State. In the fall, the orchards would open their fruit stands. We could get baskets of apples and fresh apple cider. To this day, a glass of apple cider evokes memories of crisp, crunchy leaves, cooler days and bees buzzing around, drawn by the sweet juice form the apples. 
Later I lived in South Carolina. Georgia may be 
known as the "Peach State", but some of the best peaches I ever tasted came from the orchards of upstate, SC. We often stopped at a gas station where a farmer sold baskets of peaches. He would split one in half, using a twisting motion of his hands, and with juice dripping down his arm, he would hold out half a peach for me to sample. It worked every time - we would leave with a basket of peaches, the aroma slowly filling our car with its thick, heady scent. 
I've driven through Florida, past row after row of citrus trees. Every few miles there would be a stand selling the fruit currently in season.
Orchards dot the west coast of our country as well. Washington is known for its cherries and apples and California is known for its citrus. 

Seeing row after row of trees, while driving through the arid regions of southern Texas and New Mexico seemed incongruous. 

It turns out that Texas, New Mexico and Georgia produce 75% of the US Pecan crop. Hmmm, I learn something new every day that we travel!


  1. Thats so funny you would mention the thing about Georgia. Every summer we go to Beaufort, SC, and then travel to Savannah and spend some time on the beach near there (Tybee Island to be exact). Everytime we would cross the Georgia state line, the only peaches we could ever find were South Carolina peaches. But man, were they good. (This has nothing to do with anything, but my favorite southern delicacy is boiled peanuts!)

    1. I worked in Beaufort for years. I lived in Bluffton and I know Tybee Island!!! Small world!

  2. I was reared in Virginia where the apple blossoms fill the orchards in the spring followed by the fruit in the fall. During my youth, I drank more than my share of cider!

    In the 197s & 1980s, roadside apple stands stood shoulder to shoulder along the secondary roads of western SC, especially in the Long Creek area; however, now most are closed and many of the apple orchards have fallen into disrepair,e.g., trees not pruned, tall grass growing between the trees, etc. It appears that another "industry" has disappeared.

    Actually, I believe more peaches are harvested in SC than in Georgia. Nationally, GA not SC is "known" for peaches.


    1. The apple orchards in NC are the same way - at least the ones we used to drive by on our way to our property. It was sad to see them unattended.

  3. Now I am so longing for a flavorful, juicy fresh peach, Dreaming! Last summer I did not find one! :( I grew up in the apple growing Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia ~ well part of the time; we moved a lot! Have a good one!

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  5. I knew about Texas and Georgia (with the pecans) but not New Mexico! How neat. I love those pecan trees, so beautiful. All orchards are, but just something kinda magical about about the big old pecan trees.


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