Monday, April 29, 2013


(This month I have been participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge. Each day my posts have begun with successive letters of the alphabet. This is my 2nd to last post for the month's challenge.  Where did April go?!  My A to Z Blog Challenge topics have been inspired by our recent 90-day trip on our motorhome. Click here to see links to other responses to this challenge.)

Y is for Yes

Would I do our trip over again?


We left our home on December 29. 
We traveled over 7,000 miles.
We were away 90 days.

We lived in roughly 300 square feet, 
with two active dogs
who didn't fight.
We didn't fight!

We entertained friends.
We visited museums.
We went to rallies and workshops.

We experienced snow in South Carolina.
We were buffeted by winds in Texas.
We listened to the occasional rain storm
pinging on the roof.

We have made travel plans for the summer.
We'll be heading north and west,
but we won't be gone as long.

Then, next winter?
Who knows!
Maybe we'll do this 'snow bird'
flight all over again.


  1. Lovely! What a great adventure. And with two such lovely dogs. I guess there was not much that could go wrong, or was there?

  2. So glad it was such a fun trip! Yes!

  3. I am so glad you did this.

    Sometimes we wait and never follow our dreams.

  4. Good! Then you can share your trip again with your readers:)

  5. I admire your sense of adventure! What a great trip with lots and lots of memories.


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