Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Queensland

(This month I will be participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge. Each day my post will be inspired by successive letters of the alphabet.  My A to Z Blog Challenge topics are inspired by our recent 90-day trip on our motorhome. Click here to see links to other responses to this challenge.)

Q is for Queensland

Nope, we didn't quite make it to Queensland on our winter motorhome trip. If I coulda found the road to take, I might have directed Mr. Dreamy in that direction! Visiting Australia is on my bucket list. 

However, while we were traveling I did receive an email from the Family Motor Coach Association. They were advertising a motorhome caravan through Australia & New Zealand.

Now, doesn't that sound simply dreamy? 

Notice, they didn't include the price. I am thinking that if one has to ask, then one probably can't afford it! This dream trip will have to remain just that.... a dream!


  1. That is one dream I would enjoy too

  2. RV Rentals? Hummmm. Wonder if one could take a pet or two or three. Are any of the available rentals are small units similar to a "VW bus" rather than the huge ones that require the driver to "think differently", e.g. as if s/he is riding on the fron axle?

    Both NZ & Australia are on my "bucket list" although I understand that they are at least 2,000 miles apart. How RVs will be transported from one country to the other?

    BTW, does one drive on the "correct" or "incorrect" side of the highway?


  3. Now that would be fun! If a person could afford it!:)


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