Monday, April 8, 2013

Grocery Shopping

(Through the month of April I will be participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge. Each day my post will be inspired by successive letters of the alphabet.  My A to Z Blog Challenge topics are inspired by our recent 90-day trip on our motorhome. Click here to see links to other responses to this challenge.)

G is for Groceries

Grocery shopping is an adventure when we are traveling. It fascinates me to see how grocery stores vary from region to region. Even in the big name stores I find things that aren't stocked on the shelves at home. In some areas they have local markets and in others, they have chains we don't have in the Rocky Mountain region.

 While we were in New Mexico we stopped at the Ranch Market. It is hardly a 'market' - it is huge!

Let's take a walk through the aisles...

Chilacayote Squash


Dried Peppers

Beef Feet

Pork Stomachs

Nopalitos (cut prickly pear cactus) & Agave

Guava Candy

Bulk bins of ricotta cheese, sour cream, salted cream
and jocoque - strained yogurt

Dry corn "teeth"


Fried corn tortillas, as big as elephant ears!

Pig snouts and feet

 Stacks of tortillas

Beef bull fryers...
Do they mean 'former' bull??
Rocky Mountain Oysters!!

I was thinking that maybe my next post should be
for Hungry
but, maybe not!


  1. Wow, what a store! I think would bypass all those body parts, but I really loved the display of peppers.

    1. As I reread my post it struck me that they had just about every body part for sale!

  2. I laughed because I always want to go into grocery stores when I travel. My family thinks I'm nuts! But its always fascinating to see the different stuff. I went into some in the Philippines and I never truly recovered from that experience.

  3. Thats crazy! It always amazes me that things like 'pig snouts' can be a normal thing in a different culture!

  4. What a big store...I think I would get lost. Being new to the US, we have been visiting lots of different supermarkets recently in the CA area, trying to work out which is our favourite (cost/quality of food), we are still undecided, there are so many to choose from.

  5. We have none of those foods here in Minnesota..well beans but in bags and tortillas but that is all. What an adventure!:)

  6. Gross but completely fascinating! I love the pictures.

  7. I especially hate Grocery stores while traveling. I never find what I'm looking for and mostly get lost.


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