Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuckered Out

(This month I will be participating in the A to Z Blogger Challenge. Each day my post will begin with successive letters of the alphabet.  My A to Z Blog Challenge topics are inspired by our recent 90-day trip on our motorhome. Click here to see links to other responses to this challenge.)

T is for Tucker
... Trails
... Touring

And, Gypsy is a "T", too, because Gypsy means Traveler!

Our two 'active' dogs seem to enjoy a lot of snooze time!

When we are on the road, the dogs are allowed on the couch.
Gypsy stays on her bed from the moment she is invited up,
until we are parked and the slides are put out.

Tucker gets bored.
He likes to come up and visit, 
and check out the scenery through the windshield. 

Some of the campgrounds we visit have access to wonderful trials.
We all like that! 


  1. I love this post! (I am still catching up; things have been a bit hectic.)

  2. I believe they are enjoying vacation too.

  3. So cute ~ I wish I could chill out like Tucker and Gypsy in the first photo!

  4. LOVE these pictures! Clearly they love to travel. That last shot is just great :)

  5. Oh yay ...our dogs love camping too. did you see Jayda at the waterfall this post ?
    We never vacation without the dogs ... perhaps why we camp so much :)

  6. It seems that you are reflecting on your recent travels. However, I suspect the past travel has left the mind of Tucker and the mind of Gypsy, who are both probably already anticipation the next road trip. Thanks for sharing your travel adventure narrative & photos!


  7. I love that last shot, but they are all special. Tucker and Gypsy aka Traveler are both worthy subjects. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living


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