Monday, February 4, 2013

This Week on "Me"

I feel so out of touch. We have not been at a campground that has had WiFi, or any other form of Internet connection for that matter, for a looonnnnggggg time! I haven't been able to read any blogs and I haven't been able to post to my blog.  So, in the manner of "Glee"....

Here's what you missed on "Living a Dream":

The Dreamers leave Florida and Mr. Dreamy's family after a wonderful family dinner, where the matriarch (Mr. Dreamy's mother) agrees to dinner out, despite the shiner she is sporting from a tumble a few nights before, which resulted in a trip to the hospital and some glue and steri-strips to put her back together again. The Dreamers enjoy drinks and dinner near Savannah with a delightful young man who used to play with their son when they were young children and find it entertaining that while the friend seems all grown up, their son will forever be their 'boy'! The Dreamers visit their hometown of 30+ years, which they haven't seen for a while. They gawk at all of the changes and growth and agree that although they miss some things about 'home' they don't miss all of the hustle and bustle and bigness. Dreaming bakes a cake, successfully, in the convection microwave and invites lots of friends  to come by for "Coffee @ the Coach".  The Dreamers go out to lunch with other friends, Dreaming takes a walk with her former walking buddy and another friend comes for breakfast. The fuzzy family members work hard at camping.  The 'coach' gets buttoned up and begins the trek west and the Dreamers discover that although "Hot-lanta" may be big on Braves baseball game, burgers at the Varsity, Coca Cola, CNN, the Martin Luther King Center and the home of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, it is not big on camping! Our campground choices were very limited.

And, that's what you missed!

We are heading to Red Bay, AL for some warranty repairs and service. From there? Who knows! We'll have to see how the wind blows!

Cranberry Tea Cake before applying the glaze
Gypsy and Tucker hard at work!


  1. So glad that you came to SC Lowcountry so we could catch up in person rather than via blog & email. There's lots of WiFi here but apparently not at your locations.

    The cake looks delicious. Hope lots of folks enjoyed it with coffee when they visited your coach! Have you always been so talented or is that something that "happened" after retirement?


  2. Safe travels home! Sounds like you ate a lot :) and got to visit with a bunch of people, too.

  3. Thanks for the update..the dogs look sooo bored. Stitches ..hope you are all healed up by now. It will be interesting to hear where you go next! :)

  4. Hi Dreaming! I hope your return trip is safe and enjoyable. Your cake looked yummy! I hope you are healing well.

  5. All good things! And the dogs look beautiful! Hope her shiner is healing! Have fun in Alabama!


  6. Sounds like your road trip is going well. Safe travels!!


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